Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wizard World Chicago 2009 Line-up

Wizard World Chicago is coming soon, August 6-9 to be exact. The guest list is pretty impressive, here are some of the highlights:

Mark Millar, George Perez, Dan Slott, Bryan Hitch, Jason Aaron, Frank Cho, JG Jones, Alex Maleev, Mike Allred, Greg Horn, J. Scott Campbell, David Mack, Sean McKeever, Mike Norton, Bill Reinhold, Tim Seeley, Billy Tan, J. O'barr, and Matt Wagner to name just a few.

Nice looking big name talent for the guest list. The creators alone make this a worthwhile show to attend, which is nice.

As far as comic book publishers represented, well the list isn't as impressive. No Marvel, no DC, no Dark Horse, no Image. Scanning the exhibitors list: these are the biggest names that will be there: Avatar, Moonstone, and Top Shelf. Avatar and Moonstone are within driving distance of Chicago so really the only other big name publisher that will be there is Top Shelf. All three of these publishers offer a wide variety of books, so it is definitely worth it to check them out. (If you haven't checked Amazing Fantasy's sister company Moonstone, shame on you, but this will be an excellent opportunity to do so). But the con won't feel the same without DC's massive presence. Last year Marvel did have an area for their signings, but it wasn't quite the same as DC's, so I'm not surprised to see Marvel pulling out. Last year Dark Horse had one little booth there and that was it, so again, not surprised to see them bowing out. Image, again last year, I think only Image's imprint Shadowline was there, so I understand they decided not to come out. But I am SO disappointed that DC won't be there. There is nothing like walking through the DC booth. It's huge, colorful, free posters, pins, green lantern rings etc. It's such a thrill talking to the editors etc. Not this year. Darn it! However, DC will be at C2E2 in April. So we have that to look forward to.

I'm afraid this is the death knell for Wizard World Chicago. I really thought THIS would be the last big year, but it's not looking that way at all. I would be VERY surprised if there is even a Wizard Chicago show next year. If they do want to do a show next year, something will have to change if they want it to succeed. It looks like the end of an era.

I do think that this year will still be a fun show, there are lots of guests, many DC and Marvel artists and writers will be on hand, along with other fun independent creators. And because we may see a lower turn out than normal, this will be an excellent opportunity to chat with some of your favorite creators. So come on out, have fun!

This will be a very interesting show indeed. We will have to wait to see how it all plays out...

Tickets are still available at the Frankfort, Calumet City, and Lockport Amazing Fantasy locations.

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  1. Wow, none of those big names showing up or having any presence at all. How deflating. This was how I felt whenever I'd look at the Jefferson Square Shopping Center or the Hillcrest Theater. Those places were where I saw all three original Star Wars films, all three original Indiana Jones films, Batman (Tim Burton), Excalibur, Highlander, Gremlins, Superman and Superman 2, Robocop, Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Star Trek I-IV and god only knows how many other movies that helped form my tastes. Those places helped shape me into the person I am today, for better or for worse.

    Likewise, Wizard World Chicago and Chicago Comicon (what it was called back in the day) were events that me and my friends always looked forward to. Shopping, meeting the creators, sitting in on panels and getting autographs...even hanging out afterwards and enjoying our swag as we sat around in dog tired circles at the hotel or at one of our houses afterwards....those days are sadly gone.

    From a business standpoint, I can respect if they don't want to have the convention anymore. It's just sad to think that these things might not carry on.

    I feel the same way about Gen Con, which luckily has no real alternatives and is considered the biggest yearly game convention. But if that ever went away, it would just break my heart.

    I guess the best way I can describe my feeling as I consider all of these institutions vanishing from the landscape of my life is abandonment. It feels like the psyche of my past is now a ghost town I inhabit, saddened by the knowledge of the grandeur of what was and seeing it replaced by the run down, torn down and plowed over remnants of what remain.