Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Week's Must Read!

(Note: The above image is from a forth-coming issue of Wednesday Comics, and not this week's #1.)

Issue one of Wednesday Comics comes out tomorrow, Wednesday July 8th. I got a chance to read this issue and I have to say it is quite unique. I’ve never seen anything close to this attempted before with mainstream superheroes. There is a whole assortment of characters, something for everyone: Batman, Kamandi, Hawkman, Deadman, Superman, Green Lantern, Metamorpho, Teen Titans, Adam Strange, Supergirl, Metal Men, Wonder Woman, Sgt. Rock, Flash, and The Demon with Catwoman. You’ve seen the list of big time talent associated with this book too, I’m sure, since I’ve already talked about it here a few weeks back, and you can’t help but hear about Wednesday Comics if you go to ANY comic related news site or the DC website. I LOVED it! Loads of fun. All I was missing was my morning coffee to get the full newspaper experience. The art looks great in this format, so so amazing. Some of the one-page strips work better than others, and that is mostly because the one thing lacking in this unique venture is a stronger editorial arm. I know this is Mark Chiarello’s baby, and I can’t thank him enough for coming up with this ingenious idea, but I think every strip needs the little “Next Week (fill in the blank)", that is my only gripe. Some of the strips do have this little feature that gives it that true newspaper strip feel, without it, some of the strips just feel very odd. I like uniformity in my collections, what can I say, I'm a perfectionist. They are all quality reads, but darn it, I want my newspaper strips to feel like newspaper strips in every way! I’m such a nit-picker, I know. I really shouldn’t bitch because DC is the only major comic publisher to have the balls to make anything even close to this project. That is really the only thing I have to complain about anyway. I really should just applaud Mark, since I can only imagine the nightmare this project had to be to put together, don't mind me and my minor complaint.

So pick up this first issue for a truly wonderful old-school read! My favorite strips: Kamandi (I think this may be my ultimate fav in this issue), Deadman, Supergirl (I’m a sucker for Streaky!), Flash (with the special Iris West co-feature that kicks ass) and the odd combo of The Demon with Catwoman. I have to say my least favorites are: Wonder Woman (not sure what that was, I wanted something more “classic”) and Superman (rather ho-hum, seems like a regular Superman comic, but just one page of it). The other stories are still entertaining, but I will have to read more strips to judge if I will say “yay” or “nay” for the rest of the strips. Whose art is best suited for this type of storytelling? Well imo, I say the fun-loving Amanda Conner art is a thumbs up for sure, the highly-detailed Prince Valiant inspired Ryan Sook art is another clear winner, and Brendan Fletcher’s classic strip style are my three favorites. I applaud DC and editor Mark Chiarello for bringing this visionary project to fruition.

I encourage you to try at least issue one to see what all the hubbub is about. Wednesday Comics isn’t necessarily for all comic fans, but it is certainly for all the comic fans that want to stretch their expectations of what a comic is or can be.

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  1. Oh Lori, is this what you were talking about at the store? Okay, this is the last time I'm going to be so dense about ads! I promise. Now, all I've gotta do is pick up a copy of Wednesday Comics, because it's a great idea. That and one or two of these Marvel's "Timely Comics" comics. What's with the recent fascination into this by the comic industry anyways?