Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Colonel Reviews Deadpool!

Daron "The Colonel" Jensen has supplied me with his newest review to post here. How cool is that?

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1

So Deadpool’s been hired by AIM to get something from the Savage Land, see? And he’s shot there from orbit and he burns up in re-entry, right? Then he teams up with Ka-Zar and finds a group of headhunting cavemen building a giant statue of Deadpool and hilarity ensues!

Merc With a Mouth is a new ongoing Deadpool series by Victor Gischler & Bong Dazo. Gischler wrote a Punisher MAX special recently and Bong Dazo drew some Star Wars comics, and together they make a pretty funny Deadpool comic. Just like it says on the cover, there are zombies, cavemen, dinosaurs, and zombie-cavemen! This first issue is a good start to a six-part story, setting up the plot and introducing a buxom AIM scientist for Deadpool to drool over. Also, which is no surprise because it’s right on the cover, is the Zombie Deadpool head from the Marvel Zombies miniseries. I’m excited to see what hijinks Deadpool and a Zombie Deadpool head can get into together. And it’s always nice when a humor books actually makes me laugh, which this one did a couple of times.

Also included is a reprint of Deadpool #4 by Joe Kelly & Ed McGuiness, the one where Deadpool fights the Hulk. So if you like Deadpool, zombies, Deadpool zombies, and especially if you like laffs, then you should check out Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1. It’s LotsafunTM!

-Daron “The Colonel” Jensen


Sounds like another ringing endorsement from The Colonel! If your local A/F has sold out of this issue, do not despair, Marvel has announced a second print for Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #1, but no official release date on that as of yet. I'll keep you posted as I hear more!


  1. The Colonel is made of win as a human being and as a comics fan, but I just can't do Deadpool, no matter how good it may be. Even if it were written by Alan Moore, drawn by Alan Davis and inked by Mark Farmer, I just can't get behind the lame concept. Although I will admit that I liked the Gail Simone/Udon Studios run on the book. But really, it could have been anyone they were writing about back then and I'd have enjoyed it.

  2. I'm calling bullshit on this review. The comic was hardly worthy of Deadpool. It wasn't nearly as funny as the Deadpool vs. Hawkeye/Thunderbolts series. In fact, I think the only reason people will get any enjoyment out of this is because Deadpool is the main character, and you know, from my standpoint, that's not nearly enough to redeem the comic.

    I'm starting to think they should reprint the old Deadpool comics if they want to make some money off the character. The feeling of sloppy seconds I got after reading wasn't amusing at all And the price tag was terrible. 3.99 for it, my god. What was so special about it?

  3. Tom -

    I agree about Deadpool generally - the only time I really read the book was the Gail Simone run. I've heard good things about Joe Kelly's run, too, so maybe someday I'll check that out. I think the problem with Deadpool is that the character is really entwined with a specific stripe of humor, and if that brand of humor isn't something that you find entertaining, you aren't going to like 99% of the stuff out there featuring the character.

  4. Neal-

    Your comment about Deadpool having that 'specific stripe of humor' made me stop to think about my own tastes as a comics fan for a brief moment.

    I think my problem with Deadpool is that there is nothing really good or distinguishing about him. He's a crappy amalgamation of a bunch of other characters. Smart alecks, perfect fighting machines, super powered mercenaries, healing factors, dual swords, guns and even his costume have all been done many times over, and usually to better effect. Combining all of these concepts into a single character and giving him the gimmick that he 'knows he's in a comic book' isn't clever, funny or interesting to me. This is why Deadpool is a lame concept to me.

    The reason I thought about all of this is because I needed to check myself. Am I just too jaded? Or do I hate Deadpool for a legitimate reason? I am a guy that can read stuff as lighthearted and fun as Darwyn Cooke's Spirit or as bleak as The Walking Dead or as profoundly impacting as Maus. Sizing up Deadpool, really taking the time to think about what he is to me as a comics fan, I just realize that I just dislike the character as a concept.

    There. I've taken honest stock of my thoughts on Deadpool. I feel better now.

  5. Deadpool has good times and bad times, Tom. The problem is that writers don't know what to do with him. They emphasize on one aspect of the character too much, and truth be told, he hasn't breached the "4th wall" in quite some time. Merc with a Mouth is a huge example of the writer failing at Deadpool.