Thursday, July 30, 2009

David Lloyd Signing!

I'm VERY excited! Don't forget the BIG David Lloyd signing is THIS Saturday, August 1st at the Frankfort and Calumet City Amazing Fantasy locations! David is really cool guy. I went and picked him and his friend up at the airport last night, I'm such a lucky girl! (And thanks Chris!) David is enjoying the wonderful city of Chicago until the signing on Saturday. He will be here at my store in Frankfort from 11am-2pm: Amazing Fantasy 20523 S. La Grange Rd. Frankfort IL 60423, 815-469-5092. He will also be signing at the Calumet City A/F from 4pm-6pm on Saturday. Bring in any of his books you might own and he will gladly sign them for you! If you pick up a copy of any of his collected works at the shop, he will do a free sketch inside one of those books for free (time permitting of course)! I'm sure most of you already own V for Vendetta, but if you don't this would be the perfect opportunity to pick up a copy of the collected edition for him to personalize TO YOU. David has worked on a variety of other projects over the years, besides the aforementioned V, he also did some great work on Hellblazer, a fun series by Jamie Delano collected at Dark Horse into hardcover called The Territory, AND the book that I would highly recommend that you pick up is KICKBACK. A very cool gritty noir-thriller that David wrote as well as producing the wonderful artwork. Try KICKBACK, if you like crime/noir you NEED to pick this up in hardcover for ONLY $12.95. It's a bargain! So come on it, chat with this very personable comic creator, get some books signed and maybe get a sketch! Amazing Fantasy is proud to be able to host this very special event! Come one, come all!

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  1. Too bad I don't have any of his books, Lori. It would be cool if I could bring a sketch book in and have him sketch a quick John Constantine for me, but it seems unlikely that I'll be able to do that.

    Having a limited amount of money each week to spend on graphic novels/comics really sucks. And I can't afford to take more than I do for comics out of my savings.