Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Lantern: First Flight hits shops today!

I managed to find the time to watch Green Lantern: First Flight and I LOVED it. Another wonderful addition to the ever growing library of direct to DVD animated features from DC. Thanks DC! The DC animated specials IMO are leaps and bounds better than the Marvel ones have been, but maybe I just like the characters better. Anyway, this Green Lantern release comes right in the middle of Green Lantern mania! Great timing on DC's part, kudos all around. It's a wonderful introduction to the Green Lantern mythos for new fans ages 13 and up. I am pleased with DC's decision to make all of their animated specials PG-13, it's appropriate for the stories they are trying to tell. Want all ages fare from the DCU? Then by all means watch Brave and the Bold and/or the various Justice League Unlimited shows available on both DVD and on the ol' TV. Like Wonder Woman, Justice League: New Frontier, and the Death of Superman animated specials that came before, Green Lantern First Flight is a top-rate animation. Voice actors are good, the animation is good and most importantly the story is good, if not great. While serving as a perfect introduction to possible new fans, it also is a wonderful tale for the Green Lantern fan of old. Who wouldn't want to watch the birth of the one of the major villains in the Green Lantern-verse: Sinestro? We've got Hal, of course, the Guardians, Sinestro as both a Green Lantern and as his more evil yellow self later in the special, Kilowag, and many other Green Lanterns we all know and love, even Ch'p the squirrel, at least I think that is his name. Could very easily be volume one in an ongoing series of Green Lantern animated specials. Hopefully we will see at least one more if not two of these before the movie hits in 2011. I would rank this as just as good as the Justice League: New Frontier special. I didn't like it as much as the Wonder Woman special, because well I just love Wonder Woman especially when she is done RIGHT for once, but Green Lantern: First Flight is a VERY GOOD animated special. Well worth the time.

Next up, DC will be giving the Animated Original Movie treatment to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Whatever happened to the animated Teen Titans: Judas Contract they had talked about a few years back? Man I would love to see that one....

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