Monday, July 20, 2009

So sick of CCI talk!

I never noticed before the sheer amount of coverage about the San Diego Comic-con International gets leading up to the con. Since I normally go, it never really bothers me, BUT since I'm not going this year, I don't really care about which stars are going to be there or not. So, I thought I would talk about what will be happening in these parts very soon: Wizard World Chicago, or what they are now calling Chicago Comicon. As I'm sure you know it will be happening about two weeks after the SD show, August 6-9 in Rosemont IL.

So as you can by the above pictures Arnold and Willis reunite in Chicago! Wow, what a coup for Wizard to snag these two MAJOR stars! I mean I guess it's kind of fun to see these two guys together again, but....

Let's look at the ever-growing list of creators that WILL be in attendance at the show this year.

Jason Aaron: cool! I can't remember if he's ever been to a Chicago show or not, but his profile certainly gets bigger and bigger every year, so this is a good addition to the show!

Dave Aikins: one of my FAVORITE artists, and a personal friend of mine. He is the artist behind ALL the Zombie games from Twilight Creations, literally ALL of the art used for ALL the expansions, including Humans and Martians are from ol' Dave. Search him out. He will do very cool "zombie" versions of your favorite characters in your sketch book for a nominal fee. He did a lovely/creepy Zombiefied Wonder Woman for me. So make sure you find him to get one of these cool sketches!

Mike Allred: all right! This is very exciting! I think it's been over 10 years since he's been to a Chicago show. Definitely line up for Mike. Super nice guy. Hope he's doing sketches! If not, bring your copies of Wednesday Comics to him so he can sign his very cool Metamorpho strips written by the award-winning Neil Gaiman. Didn't pick up Wednesday Comics yet? Shame on you! Go to your local A/F RIGHT NOW and buy issues one and two, or wait until Wednesday, and then you can pick up the FIRST THREE issues. Yay!

Brian Azzarello: all the way from.... Chicago! Seriously though, Brian doesn't always get a chance to go to the local shows. Seek him out. He's a cool cat, and he too contributed to Wednesday Comics, penning the Batman strips (yet ANOTHER reason to pick up these issues!) so if you have your copies with you, I'm sure he would sign them for you!

Art Baltazar: How can you not love Tiny Titans? I mean really! He will usually do wonderful crayon or Tiny Titans style sketches for fans. There is usually a line, but it moves pretty fast. And he's a crazy dude, lots of fun to talk to.

J. Scott Campbell: hm... I think this may be the first time he's come to a Chicago show, or at the least the first time in many years. He created Danger Girl. Maybe he'll do sketches, maybe he won't but it's not a bad idea to check into that or dig out your Danger Girl comics to get those babies signed!

Howard Chaykin: wowza! That is also very exciting. I don't remember him coming to a Chicago show, or at least it's been a coon's age. Go, get a sketch, chat with him, and tell him "The Colonel" sent you. Daron "The Colonel" Jensen is SUPER excited that one of his all-time favorite creators is going to be on hand!

JG Jones: cool! He's a damn fine artist, he did ALL 52 covers to the series 52 if I'm not mistaken. No small feat. This may be the first time for him in Chicago too, or it's been a while. Seek him out for sure.

James Kuhoric: what a great guy! Not only has he written a variety of horror comics, like Army of Darkness, Dead Irons, and Freddie Vs. Jason Vs. Ash, he has also contributed to a number of Moonstone publications. Many of our short story anthologies, include stories by Jim. So stop by, say hi, and tell him I sent you. (You won't get anything special, I just think it would be funny to over run him with folks saying "Lori from Amazing Fantasy and Moonstone sent me!") He really is lots of fun to chat with. If you've never read his stuff before, buy something from him and try it. Or better yet, come to the Moonstone booth and buy our Spider Chronicles, Jim wrote a wonderful story about Nazi robots, how can you go wrong with Nazi robots, I mean really? Then you can wander over to Jim's booth and he will sign it for you.

David Mack: always a pleasure to stop by and check out David's newest work. Everything he does is SO pretty. And he's another very cool guy to talk to. Get a sketch or pick up some Kabuki from him, or a print or two.

Sean McKeaver: yay! Sean is such a great guy. Definitely go out of your way to find him. He's written a ton of stuff for Marvel and DC, including Spiderman Loves Mary Jane. (The first series) Never checked that out? You really should. Tons of fun. It's kind of scary how in tune with teenage girls Sean can be. I think he said he would just hang out at the local mall to do research. Great idea there, perfect even. Brilliant writer!

Mark Millar: the guest of honor himself! He will be hard to track down I'm sure. Most likely long lines will be awaiting him wherever he goes, but how can you not want to chat with Millar? He's Scottish, so it's just fun to hear him talk!

Mike Norton: another great guy! We had him out at the shop for FCBD two years ago. If you didn't get a chance to meet him then, be sure to find him. He has done SO much work for Marvel and DC, odds are good you have at least one book by him in your collection. Find his books and get him to sign them or maybe get a sketch!

James O'barr: wow! The man behind The Crow will be on hand. He comes out every few years. Always good to support O'barr.

George Perez: holy shit! George Perez is going to be at the show! That is SO cool. He's one of the most amazing artists working today. I believe he will be at the Hero Initiative booth, raising money for this all important non-profit organization. Stop by their booth, donate some cash, and I'm betting at different times during the con, George will be doing sketches to help raise more money for the cause. Your money couldn't be going to a better cause.

Bill Reinhold: yay Bill! Bill is another Chicago native, but I'm always excited to get a chance to chat with him. He is such a good guy. And he's another guy that has done SO much work over the years, odds are very good you have a stack of his books and aren't aware that you do. Dig, look, and check them out. One of the best inkers in the business, no doubt about it.

Tim Seeley: another yay! Tim is the creator of Hack/Slash and has done various work for Devil's Due over the years and Marvel. He's the only guy who has convinced the Suicide Girls to appear in a comic, and he's done that twice. He's gotta be cool for that reason alone! If you haven't checked out Hack/Slash and you are a horror movie fan, you really should.

Dan Slott: another great guest! Wizard is really trying to bring in some cool names this year, I'll give them that. Dan is a fan-favorite Marvel writer who always brings a great sense of humor to his writing. I've never had the chance to meet him in person, but what a great opportunity at Wizard Chicago.

Arthur Suydam: how cool is that? The man that brought us almost ALL the Marvel Zombies covers! I'm betting you have at least one of his covers in your collection, hell bring all of your Marvel Zombie books for him to sign!

Matt Wagner: another great creator to have on hand. Couldn't meet a nicer guy, really. And if you haven't read his Grendel or Mage series, go pick up a trade or two before the show so he can sign them for you. You won't be disappointed in either title.

Skottie Young: oh how I love Skottie! We had him out at the shop for this last FCBD, and what a wonderful guy! He is currently working on the amazing Wonderful Wizard of Oz for Marvel. And I hear they plan on adapting the rest of the Baum novels into comic book form. Can't wait! Seek this man out, get a sketch or just tell him thanks for bringing the Wizard of Oz books to life in such a special way!

AND let us not forget, there will be TWENTY ONE wrestlers on hand. Yep, 21. The list grows every time I look at it. There is a big cross-over between comic fans and wrestling fans, so check it out wrestling fans!

See, there really are a lot of good reasons to check out the show this year. Not all of us can afford to go to San Diego every year, hell some of us have never made it there! Don't get me wrong, every comic fan needs to get out there at least once, but if you can't go, there are plenty of great comic book related events right here at home. After Wizard World, Windy City con will be headed our way in September and of course, the much discussed C2E2 in April of 2010.

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