Saturday, July 4, 2009

SKetchbook Archives Part 4

It is that time again, for me to share some of the art I've accumulated in my sketchbooks over the years from various kind artists.

These three sketches I was lucky enough to get while at my first San Diego Comic-con, August 1994. Wow, that was a very long time ago. I suddenly feel VERY old.

Anyway, back in 1994 SD was still big but not nearly the giant it has become today.

First sketch on the top left is from George Pratt. I feel very lucky to have received this sketch. George's claim to fame, at least from my point of view is his beautiful Enemy Ace graphic novel, that is still available from Vertigo. Check it out, it's beyond beautiful. Anyway this fine sketch is "Enemy Ace" himself. George drew this incredibly fast. He had almost finished drinking his Snapple or some juice beverage, so when he was done drawing, he literally dipped his finger into the juice and then proceeded to swish it around on the not quite dry ink drawing he finished for the effect you see here. Impressive.

Next, is a sketch from Adrian Tomine, of Optic Nerve fame. Again, I feel very lucky to have this sketch in my book. Way, way back in the day, Amazing Fantasy carried a wide variety of mini-comics. One of the best selling mini-comics we carried was Optic Nerve. The only way to get mini-comics at that time was to contact the artist directly. No Internet, no email, just the telephone and the US postal system. Adrian was a great artist to deal with, he always picked up the phone to talk to me or if I had to leave a message he was very good about returning that call promptly. When I placed an order he would get the books out right away. It was fun to watch Adrian progress as an artist. His original mini-comics are collected in the collection "32 stories" check it out to see what I mean. Literally EVERY issue his art evolved and changed to the point of being a "professional artist" by the last issue of the mini. After that last issue, Drawn and Quarterly started publishing the ongoing comic book series Optic Nerve.

The last sketch I am sharing with you today is from one of my favorite artists, David Mazzuccilli, the artist behind Batman:Year One along with a ton of other favorites from back in the day. I literally ran into the poor man on the con floor and I wiped out my sketchbook, asked him if he had a pen, and asked for a quick sketch, smiling the whole time. David was kind enough to oblige me, and surprisingly did not tell me to take a hike or anything rude like that. I held the book for him while he did the sketch in less than a minute, I shit you not. I know the sketch does indeed look rushed, but damn I am so excited to have this in my book. And it looks pretty damn cool too!

Next week I'll be sharing more sketches from my first SD con experience.

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