Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego day 2 News of Note

Here we are at the end of Day Two of the biggest entertainment con in the universe. I've been reading through the stories as they happen, and like yesterday, I'm going to touch on a couple of news worthy stories to highlight. And again, I am ONLY going to discuss COMICS related stories. Movies, TV, and video game info is all very exciting, but I want to talk comics!

The biggest announcement to come out today was Joe Q proudly telling the masses that Marvel has acquired the rights to Marvelman, aka Miracleman. This is both good and bad news if you ask me. Do check out the above image that Joe whipped together for promo art, looks pretty good. All I personally want to see for Miracleman is a reprint of all of the comics in hardcover and trade paperback, because quite frankly the secondary market for the trades of these issues alone is ungodly. Miracleman is one of those books I find myself discussing with many a customer, always followed up by a "Do you have those graphic novels here?" by said customer, and of course I have to respond with a "I wish." So soon, in theory, I will be able to say YES. I will be able to scream it from the rooftops: Miracleman, I mean Marvelman is HERE! I understand that Marvel can NOT resist changing his name back to the original, back when the book was a staple of the UK news stands, but that is exactly what scares me. I'm afraid that there will be an ALL NEW revamped version of my man Miracle or Marvel that will be incorporated into the Marvel U proper. No, no, no, no. I do NOT want that! By all means reprint the issues in lovely editions and maybe commission new stories by BIG name talent. I'm betting Neil would love to come back to the character some more, or hell maybe they can convince Alan Moore himself to come back to write some more tales of Miracleman, stranger things have happened, just look at Moore's run on Supreme for god's sake. I'm worried about this because Q hinted at this very thing in a video interview for CBR. That aside, this announcement is HUGE and I had to bring it to everyone's attention that may not be getting the updates of the con happenings via Twitter, Newsarama etc.

Other news.

Drawn and Quarterly signs Dan Clowes' next project: Wilson. This is big news, in the fine graphic novel arena anyway. Clowes' has spend most of his career with Fantagraphics. I'm sure the book will look just as lovely under D & Q's capable hands. Both Fantagraphics and D & Q have the highest standards in place for producing graphic novels, so I have little fear what this will mean to the reader, it's just an interesting note.

DC announced a new ongoing title: JSA All Stars written by Matt Sturges. I'm always happy to see more JSA books. Looks like the line-up will include Powergirl, Magog and others.

DC/Vertigo announced a couple of new projects that sound interesting. Daytripper by Fabio Moon and fan-fav Gabriel Ba. The other very interesting new series is Mike Allred and Chris Roberson's I, Zombie. Allred commented: "I hope it is to monsters what Fables is to fairy tales." It's about a zombie girl detective. Sounds like a must read if I ever heard one! Another mini-series announced, Joe the Barbarian 8 issue mini by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy. Morrison described it as "a mix between Lord of the Rings and Home Alone." OK, typical wacky Grant book, must read I'm sure.

Dark Horse announced a new series five issue mini by Mike Mingola and Chris Golden based on their character from their novel of the same name, Baltimore. Co-written by the two of them with art by Witchfinder artist Ben Stenbeck.

All in all, lots of good news to sift through, so in other words business as usual at the San Diego Comic-con.
More BIG announcements tomorrow will come fast and furious I'm sure. I will update again tomorrow night, so check back to read my take on all the craziness going on over in sunny SD.

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