Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Avengers Day, May 19th!

Avenger's Day is Wednesday, May 19th at all four Amazing Fantasy locations: Frankfort, Lockport, Tinely Park, and Calumet City.

What is Avenger's Day? Excellent question! This is a nationwide event held at all comic stores that choose to participate, so of course we want to be part of the festivities! This event is in honor of the relaunch of all the Avengers titles.

We are still working out all the details, but I wanted to give everyone enough notice so you can mark it on your calendars NOW.

The officially sanctioned AVENGERS DAY PARTY is sure to be the must attend event of May (wait that's Free Comic Book Day), um I mean, the must attend event of Summer (wait that's our annual Sidewalk Sale coming up in June),'s the MUST attend event of Late May, yeah that's it! Be sure to stop by your local A/F for Avengers fun.

There will be a raffle at each location for the special Avengers Party Exclusive Avengers #1 Romita Jr. Gatefold Variant.

You can purchase your copy of Avengers #1 that day of course, along with one of the Avengers #1 I Am an Avenger Blank Variant if you so choose. Blank Variants are pretty cool, especially if you enjoy going to comic conventions. You can bring one of the Blank Variants to any artist at a con for him/her to customize for you. Of course said artist will most likely charge you for the sketch, but it's almost always worth the money. Limited copies of the Blank Variant will be available that day, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Special Limited Edition Avengers #1 Romita Jr. Prints will be available on a first come basis.
I believe they will be FREE with your purchase of Avengers #1. (These are strictly limited so again, arrive early to avoid disappointment). Details are still being finalized on this item.

There will most likely be some kind of Marvel or Avengers related sale/promotion too. Details to follow in the next few weeks.

I'll keep everyone posted on how this Marvelous Avengers Event shapes up. Again, more details as they become available.

There might even be a cake to celebrate Avengers Day, anything is possible!

Siege #3 Deadpool Variant

Hey kids!

Look, it's the Siege #3 Deadpool Variant! One copy of this very very rare variant is up for raffle at the Frankfort store. This baby is going for around $220.00 on Ebay, because there were LESS THAN 500 copies made of this variant. Raffle tickets are $1.00 each, and there is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase!

Drawing will be held on Avengers Day, May 19th. Winner need not be present.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Becuase I LOVE Domo!

I LOVE DOMO! Who doesn't I mean come on, what could possibly be cuter that a little 2" Domo Qee?
Pictured here is a selection of cool Domos coming in tomorrow at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy. The pink flocked Domo totally rocks. I think I might have to pick that up, to go with my pink plush Domo. Yes, they made a plush Pink Domo for Valentine's Day that was near impossible to find! Those bastards! Well, I'm going to pick up the mini pink flocked Domo tomorrow, along with the Skeleton Domo because...just because! Interested in any of these super kewl 2" Domos? Stop by the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy to get yours. The other Amazing Fantasy locations may be getting a selection of these too, you will have to check with your local A/F for availability.


Now, all I need is a Hello Kitty/Domo collection and life would be complete. I know, I know, Domo kills kittens (according to the Internet), but I'm sure they could come up with SOME kind of cool collaboration. Tokidoki and Marvel did it, and the result was nothing less than brilliant! Also, I can't forget the incredibly awesome, too cute for words, Tokidoki Hello Kitty collaboration. Maybe Domo could hang out with Tokidoki, I mean WHY NOT?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Two C2E2 Panels You NEED to attend!

The panel line-up for C2E2 looks great! The two most exciting panels imo are highlighted here.

I will be on my very first panel, in an official capacity at C2E2! I'm both excited and a little bit nervous. If you are going to be at C2E2, and have nothing going on on Saturday from 5:30-6:30pm join me and these other fine ladies at the MUST ATTEND panel of the con:

"Do We Still Need a Women-in-Comics Panel?" Panel
Saturday E353
C2E2 focuses on the brilliant contributions made by the best and brightest women who continue to show everyone how it's done. Join Marvel Editor Jeanine Schaefer (Girl Comics, X-Force, Wolverine), Harvey Award nominated Lora Innes (IDW's The Dreamer), Comics Buyer's Guide Editor Maggie Thompson, Moonstone Editor Lori Gentile (Chicks in Capes, Domino Lady) and Renee Witterstatetter, editor, writer, agent and co-producer of the documentary series "Creator Chronicles." Moderated by Ed (Captain Action) Catto.

But wait, there's more! Moonstone has had panels at various conventions over the last several years, but since this is the first C2E2 convention held in our very own home town, we couldn't disappoint our fans. Drop by to hear Joe's presentation on all the cool new projects happening at Moonstone:

New Moon Rising: Moonstone Publications
Saturday E350
You may have seen them recently in USA Today, but did you know that Moonstone is celebrating a second decade of publishing? Publisher Joe Gentile is joined by top writers and artists for an exciting look ahead at Moonstone's exciting summer plans - The Return of the Originals, Chicks in Capes, Captain Action, and a "honey" of a comic!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Humanoids Returns! (Fourth times the charm!)

Everyone on the various comics news sites this week has been discussing Humanoids Inc. returning to the states. What do I think of this?

Fourth time's the charm I guess. I love me some Humanoids books, they are well written beautiful books. But every single time, as a retailer, I give it my all. I faithfully order everything they offer, individual comics and graphic novels, so all of my customers can check them out and hopefully purchase some. Alas, I have been rather unsuccessful in this endeavor. It seems almost impossible to get any new fans for Humanoids books. I've tried, every single time. I recommend them to various customers, make displays focusing on them, etc. I think I can count on two hands the number of Humanoids fans that shop at my store.

The first time I tried this, was several years ago when Humanoids Inc. first made it to the states with many gorgeous hardcover graphic novels for the american comic buying public to drool over, and drool they did. There was no denying the beauty of these books, some of the biggest names in european comics touched the Humanoids books, names like Moebius, Jodorowsky, along with a few key big American names like John Cassaday and Geoff Johns. Even these names were not enough to draw new fans in.

A few years later, DC decided to make an imprint for the Humanoids graphic novels, figuring surely they could make a success out of this, what with mega-corporationWarner Brothers behind them, it would of course be a hit! Wrong, so very wrong. In fact it took years for DC to blow out the remaining stock of the Humanoids graphic novels they had published at ridiculously low prices. Personally, I think the paperbaack DC versions of the very same hardcover Humanoids graphic novels that had come out a few years before, were quite inferior. They were smaller, paperback, shittier paper quality, and yet they charged almost the same price. Of course that didn't work.

Then most recently, Devil's Due deciced to bring a few key Humanoids books to these shores ONE MORE TIME, just for shits and giggles. Surprise, suprise, they flopped horribly.

So now, Humanoids themselves are going to be publishing there amazing graphic novels for american audiences one more time! I predict that they too will cease publication within one year. Why? Because Humanoids graphic novels have proven time and again to be relatively inaccessable to the american public. It's a crying shame, it makes me ashamed to call myself an american comic book fan. I love everything that has made it to these shores from Humanoids, but there is only a small following in the states that agrees with me.

I wish Humanoids Inc. much luck, and I hope to god I'm wrong and that the fourth time is indeed the charm for them! I hope this time around, all of their books sell large numbers and the american public embraces them with open arms and wallets. A girl can dare to dream can't she?

Easter Sale Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Saturday March 27th don't forget to stop by your local Amazing Fantasy!

Savings throughout the store!

Each store will be offering different specials. I can't tell you all of the details , but I can say that the Frankfort store will be offering two ways for you to save GREEN! Various categories will be on special, plus you will be able to get a coupon valid on your NEXT purchase. Every person who buys anything at the Frankfort Easter Sale will be given an Easter Egg. Inside that Egg will be a coupon. There are many different coupons, and you won't know which one you will get until you open your egg! Here is a list of the different coupons types you could draw:

Save an extra 10% off during the sale, on top off whatever offers are valid during the sale.

Save an extra $2.00 during the sale, again on top of whatever offers are valid during the sale.

Save an extra $3.00 during the sale, again on top of whatever offers are valid during the sale.

Save an extra $5.00 during the sale, again on top of whatever offers are valid during the sale.

Save an extra $10.00 during the sale, again on top of whatever offers are valid during the sale.

OR you can save money on your next visit to the shop!

Save an extra 10% off your NEXT purchase at thee shop. (Can be combined with other offers but not other coupons).

Save an extra $2.00 off your NEXT purchase. (Can be combined with other offers but not other coupons).

Save an extra $3.00 off your NEXT purchase. (Can be combined with other offers but not other coupons).

Save an extra $5.00 off your NEXT purchase. (Can be combined with other offers but not other coupons).

Save an extra $10.00 off your next purchase. (Can be combined with other offers but not other coupons).

Lots of money can be saved! So come and see me at the Frankfort store tomorrow! Or visit your local Amazing Fantasy where the friendly staff will be more than happy to help you find that perfect Easter Basket gift or that perfect Spring gift for yourself! So many great items to choose from. All four Amazing Fantasy locations stock a stellar selection of comics, graphic novels, manga, role-playing games, action figures, statues, and more! Be sure to check out each location for the unique items that that locale offers. For example: the Frankfort location has the biggest selection of board games and self-contained card games you will find in the area, and we recently received our first shipment of Tokidoki Marvel t-shirts and hats. Available in both men's and women's styles. Very unique items, sure to bring a smile to any Marvel fan's face. :D

Hope to see all of you tomorrow! Happy Spring and Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you everything you've been hoping for! He does most of his shopping at Amazing Fantasy, seriously.

Chris Evans as Captain America!

I know I am WAY late with this post, but I have to comment on Chris Evans being announced as Captain America for the Cap movie coming in 2012.

I liked Chris Evans as Human Torch, I did. (Not that the FF films were very good, but he worked as the wise-cracking flame-head). But Cap? Nope. Not working for me. Geez, I'm really in bitch mode today, but it's true. This guy does NOT look right. He doesn't have the right build, the right look, the right presence, or anything that I want to see as Cap on the big screen.

I hear they signed him to something like 9 movies. I hope to god he manages to pull Cap off, otherwise I'll just be sitting there thru nine films cursing. I want a broad-chested all-american stand-up guy as Cap! Is Chris Evans good looking? Sure, but not the way I've always pictured Cap or the way he's been depicted in comics for the last 70 years or so.

Of course, I remember bitching big time about Hugh Jackman being cast as Wolverine. Even though Hugh is way too damn tall, and way too damn good looking for Logan, it still works. Here's hoping I will be pleasantly surprised when it comes to ol Captain A on the big screen.

I would have preferred an unknown. Don't' tell me they didn't have 20 Hollywood unknown hunks audition that would have been perfect for the role. It pisses me off when they cast the same actor as multiple super heroes. I'll always think of Chris Evans as Human Torch.

Don't even get me started about Ryan Reynolds being cast as BOTH Green Lantern and Deadpool. I'm not buying that either. Why doesn't Hollywood consult me on these casting choices?

Thankfully Marvel hasn't tried to cast Christian Bale as any Marvel character because that wouldn't work either. Christian Bale is Batman and that is that, he shouldn't even attempt to portray any other licensed character. Personally, I haven't watched the latest Terminator film, but many folks have told me that it was distracting to have Bale in that film, because it's hard to turn the Bruce Wayne/Batman association off.

Scott Pilgrim Trailer UP!

Unless you've been offline for the last 24 hours, you should already know that the Scott Pilgrim trailer is up and ready for viewing! I would post a link here, but for some reason I can't seem to post any links that work. I will look into it and try to fix that soon.

So, upon viewing this exciting new trailer, the movie looks very promising! I'm very excited about this movie, it looks great. Almost perfect, with the exception of Michael Cera. I hate to say it, but I can't buy him or his extra-puffy hair as Scott Pilgrim. He's just not an action star. All of his scenes look OFF. The evil ex-boyfriends all look AWESOME, Romona looks AWESOME, Knives looks AWESOME, but Scott? Not so much.

Will I still go see it opening weekend? Hell yeah! Will I still recommend people go see this movie? Hell yeah! Will I continue to recommend the graphic novels? Of course. But Michael Cera as Scott is just not working for me. I hope I'm proven wrong once I see the whole film.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moonstone's New Website

The Moonstone gang is pretty excited. The new and improved Moonstone website is here and it looks great! It's super easy to navigate and fun to look around. I'll bet you discover at least one title that will peak your interest.

Check it out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ratings on Comics

People off the street do not understand the ratings on comics and graphic novels, mostly because there is no uniform system in place across the market. Marvel rates some of their comics, DC rates some, and most of the other publishers don't note anything on the cover.

What are parents suppose to do? They ask me, the retailer, but to be honest it is not for me to decide what is and isn't appropriate for their children. It amazes me how concerned parents are about content of comics. Do they do the same thing when they buy their children books (i.e. novels) at Barnes and Nobles or Borders? I'm betting they don't. There is something about the comic book medium that makes parents extra careful. I find it infinitely amusing because these are the same parents that buy their kids Grand Theft Auto and other mature rated video games. Of course, I really can't make a blanket statement like this, but it does amuse me when some parents are more concerned about violence than sex. But I'm not a parent, so I guess I should be quiet. (But I really can't at least not for a few more paragraphs).

We just have to remember that violence is OK, but sex or even a suggestively sexual cover is a NO NO. Oh my, there is a girl on the cover in spandex suit, how different is that than seeing girls at the beach in bathing suits? I can understand parents wanting to be careful about what they expose their children to, but sometimes it seems like some people take it too far.

I had two parents in the shop the other day, and they looked at EVERY comic and commented on many of them, that they looked "too scary" or "too racy." I'm not sure what else we as a retail store can do. We have a children's section of comics and graphic novels in the shop, but I'm not going to police children and tell them they must NOT set foot outside of their designated area. They should be free to roam, and by all means, parents please roam around with them, but to find something to be concerned about with most everything in the store is going too far, imo. Again, I understand the need to be concerned, all good parents should be involved in their kids's choices of entertainment. I'm not sure what these parents were expecting. Perhaps a store of nothing but Archie, Disney, and Sonic comics?

The comics medium seems to come under extra scrutiny when it comes to content. I've already discussed the problems that a library had with the content of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen a few months back. Again, I understand being concerned about that book, it is very adult, along with the Vertigo line and the Max line.

What I would like to see is a ratings system adopted across the board for comics and graphic novels, including Manga. Most manga GN do have an age or rating, but they are not uniform, and if we could have the same ratings on regular comics and graphic novels that would help. Why not just use the ratings already established with the movie industry? G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. Seems to cover most everything. At least then when potential new customers walk in the store they can easily understand what comics and graphic novels are intended or at least intended to be appropriate for their children. This would leave the ball in the parent's court, where it should be. If a parent decides that their 10 and 12 year old kids could read PG-13 comics then they could do that easily, just by looking at the covers, or if for some reason they decided that their 10 and 12 year old children could only read G comics, then they could easily find those comics and graphic novels without a problem. It would be up to the parent, and that is the way it should be.

To be frank, I don't understand why there isn't a rating system in place for regular novels. There are a lot of books out there classified as "Young Adult" or "Teen" and I wonder how many parents have actually read those books to see if they find them appropriate for their OWN children. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, parents SHOULD be active in their kids' lives. They should take an interest in what they viewing, reading, playing, etc. If publishers don't spell it out easily for parents to see, then those same parents could potentially get upset with the store that sells what they deem as "inappropriate" to their children.

All I'm saying is, it would be nice to have a uniform rating system for the entire industry.
I am reminded of this periodically whenever potential new customers come in the store and they stand in the shop, rather bewildered by the sheer selection. I feel for these parents, I really do, but at the same time, it would be nice if parents didn't feel the need to Disney-fy everything in every aspect of their children's lives. Some day these children will realize that the world is not the happy shiny place they believed it to be. Wouldn't it be better to sit down with your children and explain the good and the bad in the world, so these same children can be better informed. In theory, this should help insure that these children will make better choices, not worse. Granted, not every child can understand everything going on around them, but to deny the existence of say "death" or "violence" or god forbid "sex" for these kids seems like a bad idea, but I digress.

I'm just a retailer. And no I am not a parent, so perhaps I could never understand the need to shield your child from the world. I just want the publishers to make life a little easier for retailers and consumers. Give me a uniform ratings system and I can stop these periodic rants. Am I asking for that much?

Friday, March 5, 2010


Reed has announced that there will be 175 programming events for C2E2. This includes panels and screenings. Just to put this into perspective, the San Diego Con usually has around 400 programming events. I think Wizard Chicago last year had 30 to 40 events scheduled (don't quote me here, it could have been less). Reed has not announced the line-up yet, just the total number. I imagine we will see the complete break-down in another 2 weeks or so, about a month prior to the show. Reed has also announced that they will have 200 Exhibitors and Artist Alley will be 250 strong. All impressive numbers. I suppose it's altogether possible that this show could sell out, so I can't recommend enough that you buy your tickets BEFORE the show. The sooner the better. Next time you are at your local Amazing Fantasy, pick them up. This con is looking better and better as we get closer to the show! Check their website around the middle of March to get the highly anticipated programming event guide.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcoming Events!


Easter is coming up quick which means:
Our annual Spring Fling Easter Sale is right around the corner!

At your favorite LCS:
Amazing Fantasy Books and Comics
Saturday, March 27th

At all four locations: Frankfort, Lockport, Calumet City, and Tinley Park.

Don't miss it! This is a great opportunity to stock up on all your Easter basket gift-giving needs. So grab your bunny ears, and hop on over to your favorite A/F location for eggs-tra special savings
throughout the stores!



April 16th-18th
at McCormick Place in Chicago!

This is going to be a great show, I can feel it in my bones! The guys over at Reed Exhibitions, the guys and gals behind the super successful New York Comicon will be bringing their magic to the Windy City.

All four Amazing Fantasy locations are selling tickets NOW for this tres cool event!
One day passes are $25 each and three day passes are $50 each.

Tickets will be available at your local A/F up through the end of the convention, but don't delay, get yours before they sell out!
Yes, you can buy them on their website, but support your favorite local comic shop by making your ticket purchase at Amazing Fantasy.

Please note: children 12 and under are FREE all day long on Sunday at C2E2 and
children 5 and under are FREE on Friday and Saturday, but over 5, the kids will need a full price admission pass.

Amazing Fantasy's publishing arm, Moonstone will have a booth at C2E2. I will be there as well as Moonstone Co-Publishers Joe and Dave. We'd love to see you!

will be upon us before you know it!
Mark your calendars NOW for
Saturday May 1st!

will be available all day long at all four Amazing Fantasy locations
(Frankfort, Tinley Park, Calumet City, and Lockport)
while supplies last!

Creator Appearances at the Frankfort location on FCBD
from 11am-2pm:

Andrew Pepoy
Andrew is the Eisner-winning and Hugo-nominated artist from Fables, Jack of Fables and The Simpsons. Andrew will be on hand to sign and sketch (time permitting) for fans. Andrew's work is also featured in the FCBD 2010 Bongo Comics Free for All comic that will be available for FREE on FCBD. (Supplies limited).

Bill Reinhold
Bill is a long-time comic artist, inking many of the major characters for both Marvel and DC including Earth X, Punisher, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman, Green Arrow and most recently Wolverine:Origins for Marvel. Bill will be on hand to sign and sketch (time permitting) for fans. Bill's work is also featured in the FCBD 2010 Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter flip comic from Dark Horse that will be available for FREE on FCBD. (Supplies limited).

Looks like we are all going to be VERY busy in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow, Where Did All This Cash Come From?

The final reports are in from the Heritage Auction that took place over the weekend, and have been for a few days. I just got around to looking at the final numbers today, and let me say they are quite impressive, especially considering the state of the economy.

As reported everywhere as well as on this blog, we all know about Detective #27 selling at this Heritage Auction and breaking the newly minted record of One Million Dollars. But what else sold and for how much?

Well it's way too much to list ALL of it, but I picked out a bunch of big ticket items to share. If I had been in the same room with all of these great collectibles I probably would have had a heart attack. Very exciting stuff! I'm sure there are many collectors out there doing a happy dance after winning their highly sought after comics. Kudos to all that bid and won on these stellar examples of the comic book medium.

Big Golden Age Books

Adventure Comics #40 7.0 $38,837.50

All Flash #1 9.4 $33,460.00 (For some perspective they also sold this same comic in a 8.0 for $5676.25. Quite the difference between that 8.0 and 9.4.)

Batman #1 (Denver Pedigree) 9.0 $59,750.00

Brenda Starr #14 (Mile High Pedigree) $13,145.00

Captain America Comics #1 4.5 $21,150.00 (Not too shabby for a 4.5!)

Captain America Comics #3 (Rockford Pedigree) 7.0 $11,352.50

Captain America Comics #15 9.4 $17,925.00

Daredevil #1 9.0 $10,175.50

Detective #18 7.0 $14,340.00

Detective #62 9.4 $26,290.00

Flash Comics #1 4.5 $11,950.00

Four Color #1 Donald Duck 8.0 $20,315.00

Green Lantern #1 6.5 $7170.00

Marvel Comics #1 Pay Copy 9.0 (Better sit down for this one!) $227,050.00
(This is the highest price book from this auction, next to that Detective #27 that hit the million mark).

Marvel Mystery Comics #3 (Larson Pedigree) 9.0 $22,705.00

More Fun Comics #52 (Larson Pedigree) 9.2 $89,625.00

More Fun Comics #53 (Rockford Pedigree) 9.6 $47,800.00

More Fun Comics #54 (Larson Pedigree) 9.2 $38,837.50

Sensation Comics #1 9.4 $83,650.00 (I can NOT believe this book didn't go for more. Poor Wonder Woman, she doesn't get the love she deserves).

Spirit #1 9.6 $6572.50

Startling Comics #49 9.4 $14,340.00

Sub Mariner Comics #1 4.0 $3883.75

Superman #1 2.0 $19,120.00

Superman #1 (Restored) 6.0 $17,925.00 (Just for a little comparison).

Whiz Comics #2 (#1) 2.5 $9560.00

Wonder Woman #1 (Crowley Pedigree) 8.5 $53,775.00

Young Allies Comics #1 9.0 $9560.00

Other Big Books from Other Eras

Amazing Fantasy #15 (Restored) 9.2 $7767.50

Amazing Spider-Man #1 8.0 $16,730.00

Amazing Spider-Man #194 9.9 $3107.00

Cerebus #1 (Dave Sim File Copy) 9.4 $7767.50

Dell Giant Comics: Sleeping Beauty #1 9.8 $4481.25

Fantastic Four Annual #1 9.4 $3107.00

Giant Size X-Men #1 9.8 $6572.50

Giant Size X-Men #1 9.4 $1434.00 (Wow, just look at that price difference!)

Green Lantern #1 9.4 $50,787.50 (Damn impressive book and a damn impressive price!)

Incredible Hulk #1 7.5 $17,925.00

Incredible Hulk #181 9.8 $11,950.00

Journey Into Mystery #83 7.0 $6572.50

Justice League of America #1 8.5 $4780.00

Richie Rich #1 9.4 $8365.00

Tales of Suspense #39 7.5 $5676.25

Venom Lethal Protector #1 (Rare Black Cover Press Error) 10.0 $3585.00

X-Men #1 (White Mountain Pedigree) 9.0 $7170.00 (This is the SILVER AGE book people NOT the Jim Lee book!)

Zap Comix #1 9.0 $7170.00

Zap Comix #1 8.0 (Light Blue Rare Variant) $9261.25

Other Crazy Cool Stuff That Sold at This Auction

Superman #1-#12 (Golden Age) Bound Volume $31,070.00

Vampirella #1 (Magazine) 9.2 $1673.00

Superman Contest Prize Ring (Fine) $4630.63

Alberto Vargas Playboy Painting $179,250.00

Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta Original Cover Art for Thor #132 $5676.25

Snoopy Vs. Red Baron Sunday Strip Original Art 1966 $101,575.00

Wally Wood Daredevil #7 (Silver Age) Original Interior Art $35,850.00

Bernie Wrightson Original Interior Art from Creepy #63 $13,145.00

Bernie Wrightson Original Painting from Murders at the Rue Morgue $41,825.00

There you go boys and girls. This auction was incredible, and I can't wait to see what they have up for auction next time around. They never disclose who bought what, with good reason of course, but I do wonder who has this kind of disposable income for comics and related goods. I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there in the world with extra cash to burn, but seeing all of this together in one auction from one auction house is absolutely astonishing to witness. Good show Heritage Auctions!