Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesday Comics Collection!

DC announced that they are indeed going to be publishing a large format hardcover collection of the recently wrapped-up, much-discussed, critical-darling Wednesday Comics. It will retail at $49.99, not bad considering the enormous size: 11" x 17". I can only assume that it will be printed on nice quality paper, NOT newsprint. I loved the fact that DC published the original 12 issues of Wednesday Comics on newsprint, but geez do those babies yellow FAST. I know why they printed it on newsprint, to give you the feel of reading the Sunday comics (that many papers are doing away with all together or the section is so damn small and over-crowded with ads, it's not even worth the effort to read) but man my Wednesday Comics display at the shop looks rather old because the issues are yellowing so badly. I know they've talked about more Wednesday Comics projects sometime in the future. Hopefully they can up the quality of the paper a bit or at the least use a nicer paper for the cover. I'm sure these decisions were not made lightly because DC had no way of knowing how well Wednesday Comics was going to be received, the numbers could have come in VERY low. So all things considered, Wednesday Comics was a grand success. This newly announced collection will be a wonder to behold. Can't wait! DC has not announced a month for release yet, my guess is sometime late spring 2010.

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