Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comic-con 2009 Cosplayers

You REALLY really really need to go check out this site. 600 costumed cosplayers from this past year's San Diego Comicon. WOW! It's fun to see of these collected on one site. Being at a con that size, it's almost impossible to see all of the costumes, and I don't know if this is ALL of them, but this is a good chunk anyway. This selection of costumes blows away the paltry selection at this year's Chicago Wizard World (or Chicago Comicon, whatever it's called these days). Some people obviously take a full year to work on their costumes, and some...not so much. I'm sorry but if you BUY your costume off the rack somewhere, say at the local Halloween costume shop, it DOES NOT count in any cosplay world, so sayith I, the Comic Book Goddess. I too own the Supergirl costume pictured in this selection of 600 costumes, at least 4 times, but you don't see me wearing that to a con because it does NOT count. It's cheating plain and simple. Some of these you can tell the insane attention to detail that some people put into their costumes, and they there are some that, well, just make me scratch my head. Of course that is the point of cosplaying, to make people stop and ask to take your picture, right? Lots of people will stop and ask to get a picture of someone in costume, even if they don't know who it is they are taking a picture of, so there you go. Really, go check out the link, it's tons of fun.

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