Friday, October 16, 2009

Lantern Symbol Ramblings

Red=Rage (Love that choice, it’s perfect!)

Orange=Avarice (Because of this storyline, there are now millions of geeks in the world that can use “avarice” in a sentence. See, comics CAN make you smarter).

Yellow=Fear (Yellow is suppose to be a cheerful color, but in the DCU it’s scary!)

Green=Will (Classic, there can be no argument for this choice).

Blue=Hope (Aw…hope is so "hopeful", isn’t it?)

Indigo=Compassion (Another aww color/word combination. Now if only they could be consistent with the hue, see my rant below).

Violet=Love (9/10 times it looks Magenta to me, again see my gripe below. I’ve yet to see any guy buy the “Love” shirt btw, lol. Come on men, you should be secure in your masculinity!)

Black=Death (Zombie, zombie, zombie fun in the DCU!)

White=Life (It has to be, right? It is the opposite of black after all. Will Wonder Woman be a White Lantern? Who knows, but it does look like Dove is a White Lantern, right?)

We received the lantern prom rings on Wednesday. Now, don’t freak out, we only received one of each as a promo for the promo. Seriously. A PROMO for the PROMOTION. Damn, this is nuts. All that aside, they looking amazing, I mean really. They have a metallic sheen to them, giving the impression that they are made of metal, pretty cool. So we made a nice little display showcasing them. Sigh…. So cool. So fun. Congrats Geoff Johns, the various Lantern symbols has really been a way to get people excited. The various symbol t-shirts are definitely selling like crazy, along with the ultra cool black shirts with the words on them, like “Compassion,” “Will,” “Fear,” etc. man I really like those black shirts, and if you don’t know what I’m referring too, you really don’t come into the Frankfort store enough. We have a lovely wall display showcasing all the Lantern symbol t-shirts.

Is it just me, or is it rather sexist that Star Sapphires can only be of the female persuasion, I mean really, what gives? It seems a little unfair, like only women are able to experience true love or some such bullshit. I don’t like it, not one little bit.

Color problems in the DCU. There seems to be some discrepancy in the Indigo Lantern’s true color. Have you noticed the problem? Sometimes it looks dark blue, sometimes it looks like a grayish dark blue, and now with the promo rings, the Indigo ring looks surprisingly PURPLE and then the Star Sapphires ring looks magenta. I don’t get it. We need consistency here people! The t-shirts for the Star Sapphires are definitely PURPLE, but in the comics and now the rings, they are MAGENTA. Magenta and Purple are NOT the same color, ask any artist. It is really that hard to get this stuff right? Does DC have no control over the colors that Graphitti Designs uses for the t-shirts themselves nor for the colors used for the images on the shirts? Do they not have control over the colors of the promo Lantern rings? I would find that very hard to believe. There is also a problem with the yellow shirt Graphitti used for the Sinestro Corps shirt. It looks like a Colonel Mustard color, why couldn’t they use the shirt they used for the Reverse Flash symbol shirt? THAT is the perfect color. And have you seen the Sinestro Corps hoodie? I won’t carry it at the store because it looks like beige or tan, not the right color AT ALL!

The first wave of Blackest Night action figures will be shipping next Wednesday. I guarantee that they will fly like the wind coming in off the lake. They will be here, and then *snap* they won’t be. Just like that. At the rate these figures are being delayed from DC Direct, I certainly hope that the next two waves of figures aren’t as late, because then Wave 3 would be coming out AFTER issue #8 of Blackest Night, and THAT just won’t do. Nope.

The spin-off Blackest Night mini-series, like Batman, Superman, and Teen Titans are doing WAY WAY better than I ever dreamed. Again, kudos to Geoff Johns for bringing this project together in such a cohesive way. Personally, I’m reading the Batman and Superman Lantern tie-ins and they are pretty good, I recommend them in fact, if you are enjoying the Blackest Night so far, pick them up. Teen Titans isn’t doing it for me, but there is another batch of Blackest Night mini Min-series on the horizon: Wonder Woman (the one to watch, I’m sure of it), Flash (written by Geoff so it should be good) and JLA (written by Robinson, so again, should be good). Can’t wait for all three of those to come out! Those minis will be starting in December.

Who knew zombies in the DCU would be THIS exciting? Thanks Geoff Johns!!!

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