Monday, October 19, 2009

Fables: Peter and Max Novel Review

Finally finished Peter and Max by Bill Willingham. LOVED it! I'm so glad that Vertigo decided to go ahead and publish their very first foray into prose. Comic fans should love this story because it explores until now, unknown information about Peter Piper and Bo Peep, their mysterious past back in the Homelands and their secret role in the recent War for Fabletown. The story moves along very quickly, alternating between past events in the Homelands and present events in New York and Europe. Willingham manages to get most of the important "Peter" fables moments in this story: he gets his hand stuck in a jar of pickled peppers, and he puts his wife in a pumpkin shell and keeps her very well, and of course more Piper related story than I thought would be possible. Did you know that not only is the Piper of legend that leads the rats away Peter's brother Max, but there was a whole family of pipers back in the Homelands. The same with Bo Peep, she was just one sister among 5 other Peeps. The Peeps and the Pipers were friends back in the Homelands, which is how our two lovebirds met. I don't want to give too much away, but Bigby, Snow, Red, King Cole, and Frau Totenkinder all make key appearances, especially Frau Totenkinder back in the Homelands. Frau Totenkinder at one time she was not only powerful, but youthful and beautiful. This is a story of two brothers, two pipes, the past and the present, true love, and true evil. A magical tale for fans of the Fables comics/graphic novels as well as potential new fans. The 8 page comic at the back of the book places the story within the Fables current continuity, hopefully spurring more readers to pick up the trades. The above illustrations are peppered throughout the book, along with countless others, making it heavier on illustrations than the average novel. I expect that DC will see another surge in Fables GN sales after this release gets hold in the book stores.

Every Fables fan should read this book. Highest possible recommendation.

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