Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blood Makes a PERFECT Holiday Gift!

Have you seen these? They are pretty damn cool, if you are into this sort of thang. They retail for a mere $3.99 each. What a great stocking stuffer! Or better yet, buy a bunch of bags of blood and use them at your holiday feast with the family. I'm sure old Auntie Gretta would love to drink some blood for your annual holiday toast!

Blood: energy Potion has the following info on the front of the "bag":

-Similar nutrients to real blood
-Fangtastic fruit punch flavor
-Up to four hours of pure energy
-Delicious for vampires or humans
-Succulent source of electrolytes
-Delectable source of iron
-Protein and energy
-Garlic free

On the back of the bag, there are instructions for warming it in the microwave to make it a "perfect" 98.5 degrees.

Not recommended for mortals under 12.


There is the PERFECT holiday add-on. Stuff theses little bags of blood into stockings or tie one to the top of every gift you give this year! Not only does this "blood" leave a great metallic aftertaste but it is a rather thick liquid, so if you poor it in a goblet it will look very blood-like. Give these to all of your Twilight friends! Tween girls WANT to drink blood, or at least pretend to drink it. :) Also makes a great gift for the "True Blood" fans on your holiday list.

Available at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy.

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