Friday, December 11, 2009

More BIG DC Announcents!

Over at Comic Book Resources, Dan Didio talks about the new 10 issue Legacies mini-series:

Also, at the bottom of the article they mention a NEW History of the DCU (finally) and a NEW Who's Who in the DCU (again, all I can say is FINALLY!)

Legacies looks to be pretty damn cool, very much in the tradition of Marvels. As good as Legacies sounds, I am way more excited about the NEW History and the NEW Who's Who. The last Who's Who was ages ago (early 90's) and the last History was around the same time (DC did recently reprint that mini-summery-series in GN form, as much good as that does considering how different the DCU is now compared to then). As a retailer, I can always use a fresh edition of both of these books, just to field various DCU-related questions. Granted, I know a lot, but it's nice to have an authoritative version of these things that I can fall back on, especially since my memory isn't what it used to be, a serious side-effect of getting older.

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