Friday, November 27, 2009

New Heroclix are HOT!

There are TONS of great gifts available at your local Amazing Fantasy for all the cool kids on your list! One of the most surprising items of the season is the new Heroclix set: Hammer of Thor. Heroclix has been on hiatus for a year or more, which made many gamers quite sad. I'm happy to report that Heroclix is back and in a BIG BIG way! The figures look great, better than previous sets IMO. Neca is now producing the Heroclix game. I was worried since they had not produced a miniature game before, BUT they did a good job with this expansion. This is the set that was already planned on being produced before Wizkids discontinued Heroclix last year.
Never played Heroclix and you are wondering what the heck I'm going on about? Stop by your local A/F for a FREE "quick start rules" sheet. It's a super simple miniatures game featuring your favorite super heroes. There are both Marvel and DC figures available, so every fanboy's/fangirl's wet dream can come true. "What would happen if the Thing fought Superman" or whatever burning dual you can dream up can be played out right on your tabletop! Damn cool. The figs are prepainted, so none of that time-consuming bullshit associated with traditional tabletop wargamming, like Warhammer, this game is ready to go right out of the box.
If you are looking to pick up any of these Hammer of Thor Heroclix boosters, act quickly because every set is limited. Each booster of 5 random Marvel Heroclix figures retails at $11.99, and this brand new set, Hammer of Thor, is FLYING off the shelves! Buy a brick of 10 boosters and get a FREE exclusive figure: an oversize Ragnarok Surtur.
Heroclix boosters make GREAT stocking stuffers!

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