Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hawkman The Movie!

Check it out, DC is looking to develop Hawkman into a film!

Personally, I don't agree with whoever wrote this article, and I guess that is because I am such a huge fan of any of the Golden Age DC characters from the JSA on up. Hawkman does have HUGE potential. For god's sake, Marvel managed to turn Iron Man, I mean the dude that used to have transistors on his armor as part of his then "high tech" gadgetry, into a crazy HUGE franchise. It looks like Marvel is going to be doing the same thing with Thor amazingly enough, so really, why shouldn't DC take a crack at bringing a second string character to the big screen in a big way? I would personally love for Geoff Johns and/or James Robinson to be in on those script development meetings. And I would love to see Hawkgirl on the big screen too! The on again/off again romance between these two characters has been one of the great love stories in comic books. They were destined to be together, whether they like it or not, or so the history of these characters go. There is something rather romantic about the idea of there being someone out there that you are "meant" to be with, and that is an element of the story that DC can play up a bit to get more women in the theatre. Plenty of women saw Iron Man, and I'm sure plenty of women (including myself of course) would see a Hawkman movie with or without a gushy love story, but think of the potential! This movie could have all the action and special effects we have come to know and expect from big Hollywood blockbusters along with a little romance, could mean a big payday for DC Entertainment.
It would be awesome if they could somehow show the Golden Age JSA in this movie, even if just for a flashback scene, ala the Watchmen film. I'm thinking a Hawkman/Hawkwoman film could be the start of something special at DC Entertainment! Am I wrong? In addition to this movie talk, I hear that Hawkman will be appearing in this next season of Smallville, they have even posted some pictures of this version of Hawkman online. Not really working for me, BUT if they introduce Hawkman on Smallville, that will raise his brand awareness level with the masses. You know what would be beyond cool imo? A Golden Age tale of each of the Golden Age JSA members: The Spectre, Hawkman, the original Starman, the original Sandman, and more. That would be fantastic, but.... I somehow doubt that that would EVER happen, but stranger things have transpired in the recent past as far as comics and comic book characters being transformed into movies. Who the hell ever thought that we would see a V for Vendetta, Watchman, Ghost World, or Hellboy movie? If you had asked me 15 years ago what the odds would have been for all these to have actually been made, I would have bet my life on NO. Just goes to show you, how wrong I can be. I'm only human, and can't tell the future.

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  1. Tom Tolios, Dimestore PsychologistDecember 29, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    I'm down for this if they make him a real man.

    What I mean by that is if they let him acutally use his weapons arsenal to bash things and hurt them.

    But if they wuss him out and he doesn't get to hit or stab anything, I will be highly, highly cynical.

    Dude uses swords, axes, maces and all manner of medeival weapons to lay the righteous smack down on bad guy candy asses.

    I believe his old tagline was 'Using the weapons of the past to defeat the villains of the future' or something like that? I may be thinking of someone else, but I thought that was Hawkman...

    I've always liked the IDEA of Hawkman. I think his costume is very iconic and picturesque, and I think offing him and Shayera for Blackest Night was pretty unfair. There are probably other heroes they could have done that to. Hawkman keeps getting the shaft from DC, IMO.

    My .02.