Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Great Gift Ideas!

Wow, check it out, even Hello Kitty is getting in on the multi-colored Lantern action!

The JLA Green Lantern Rings Prop Replica came in today, see picture above. It's just beautiful and it lights up! Limited edition made of resin and metal. Retails at $250.00. Check it out next time you are at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy. Believe me, this the ULTIMATE gift for the Green Lantern fan on your list!

Coincidentally, Sanrio released this plush assortment of colored Hello Kitty plush today. The picture above does show the five kitties included in the set, what it doesn't show you is they are stacked in a pyramid in the box, and the box is similarly sized to the Green Lantern Ring Prop box. And each Hello Kitty represents something different. Green=Wishes (but we all know it's really Will), Pink=Cute (but again, we all know that it is really Love), Yellow=Compassion (hell no, we know it means FEAR, get a clue Sanrio!), Purple=Sweetness (No it doesn't, it means Compassion doesn't it? Because the Pink looks like the Lantern Corps Violet and the Lavender sort of looks like the Indigo ring), and Red=Friendship (but in the DCU it means RAGE baby!). This lovely 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Colors set retails at the low, low price of $29.99. I say, if you have a Green Lantern Corps member on your list, get them this instead, it's the same basic idea as the Prop Replica, just pick up some extra colored Lantern rings and put them on the plush Hello Kitties and you will be all set. Really.

There you go, two more GREAT gift ideas courtesy your friendly neighborhood comic shop.

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