Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Gifts Under $15.00!!!!

The list is mighty long for "Great Gifts for under $15.00"! I'm not going to discuss the merits of each of these, but if you disagree with any of my choices or agree, feel free to chime in.

Scott Pilgrim Volume One $12.99
Everyone should read this book, especially since the much hyped, much discussed Michael Cera movie is coming out March 19th. This makes a wonderful gift for any girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband that isn't already into comics. There are five volumes so far, and once they read Vol. 1, they will quickly request the rest. Described on the back as comedy/action/romance, "You'll laugh. You'll cry. This is Scott Pilgrim. This is your life." I love, love, love this book! Also a great gift for the manga fan on your list, it is very manga-like, but not too much so, so it will also appeal to regular folks.

Y: The Last Man Volume One $12.99
There are ten volumes total in the complete Y library. Volume one is another one of those great books that you can hand off to any non-comic book fan, male OR female, to get them hooked. This series has been optioned for a movie, but no definite information has been made available as of yet. This book put Brian K. Vaughn on the map.

Proof Volume One $9.99
Oops, I forgot to put this one on my list of "Great Gifts Under $10.00" list. So happy to see Image following the Vertigo model again. Kudos. (Gee if only Marvel would get their act together, and jump on board this excellent marketing tool). Description on the back of the book: "Proof doesn't leave urban legends where it finds them....Bigfoot wears a suit to the office. Fairies devour anyone in sight. A lonely monster wears human skin for company. The hit series starts here." A very interesting and highly entertaining read for any humor/horror fan.

Batman: Year One and Batman: Dark Knight Returns
$14.99 each
Frank Miller's two greatest Batman books, NOT to be confused with the @#$%* All Star Batman and Robin or the piece of #$%@ Dark Knight Strikes Again. If you have any type of Batman movie or video game fan on your list, give them one of the aforementioned Bat books, so they can read the inspiration for the Batman they know and love.

Buffy: The Long Road Home
ok, this is technically $15.95, so that puts it over my $15.00 cut off by $.95, but I'm going to include it anyway.
This book is volume one in the fan favorite Joss Whedon helmed Buffy Season Eight series of graphic novels. Got a Buffy fan on your list? Look no further for the ultimate gift, just pick this book up, or pick up all five volumes that are currently available. This is Season Eight as Joss would have made for TV, given the opportunity.

Invincible Volume One
Already have a Walking Dead fan on your list? Get them hooked on Kirkman's other popular creator owned book. This is Kirkman's great little superhero book. Kurt Busiek describes Invincible "...distinctive and clever and alive, all the while standing foursquare at the heart of a longstanding, well-worked genre that many would say has nothing more to offer."

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Got someone on your list that loves that direct to dvd DC animated specials? Get them this book, that served as the inspiration for the newest DC special of the same name. I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel, and I do not give Jeph Loeb praise lightly, although I have to say whenever he teams up with Tim Sale, it is usually a cause for celebration. This is volume one in the series. This book is a great read for any Batman or Superman fan mostly because it stands on it's own, 9 out 10 times, meaning you don't have to be reading 30 other DCU books to understand what the heck is going on in it, so that makes this book a very popular read amongst the more casual comic book fan.

The Ultimates Volume One
This is the ultimate Avengers book, no pun intended. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch together just equals bloody amazing for this series. The Ultimates continues into a volume two, and then again into a "Season 2" books one and two. This is the book for any Marvel movie fan because it brings together so many powerful characters into one amazing HUGE story: Captain A, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man, and Hulk. Thrill to the crazy exploits of the Avengers as never seen before! Captain A kicks ass of course, and this is the best interpretation of Thor anywhere if you ask me.

Peanutbutter and Jeremy's Best Book Ever
Pure James Kochalka magic! This is a super little book for readers of all ages. This book has been called "A Delightful surprise" by Comic Book Gallery, "It's laugh out-loud weirdness" by Four Color Reviews, and "If life's a silly ride, Kochalka is selling the tickets" by Publishers Weekly. Another love, love, love this book selection.

And dear god, there are so many possible "Great Gifts for under $15.00 that I am getting tired from typing all of this! Other books I would be amiss if I did not mention:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume One ($14.99), Preacher Volume One ($14.99), Pride of Baghdad ($12.99). Justice Society of America: New Age ($14.99), and Irredeemable Volume One too (another $9.99 selection I inadvertently left off my last list)!

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