Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Odd fact

Ok this just hit me tonight, and yes I realize I am WAY behind the times, but I was watching the ALL NEW Late Night with Conan O'brien show and Green Day was on.  Doesn't Green Day's drummer Tres Cool, pictured on right, look a lot like DevilsDue's own Josh Blaylock, pictured on left?  All these years I've seen Josh at various cons, and every time I always thought "Hm..that guy looks like SOMEBODY" but I could never place it.  Josh just needs a little eye liner and he could totally double for Tres on the upcoming Green Day tour, IMO anyway.  Or maybe, Tres Cool likes comics and Devils Due comics especially, maybe he could double for Josh at the next con?  They could switch out for the summer!  Both guys could use the break I'm sure!

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