Monday, June 15, 2009

Captain America, Steve Rogers, Returns!

Maybe you are wondering why I didn't post something about this earlier today, but contrary to popular opinion, we actually have to WORK at the shop, we don't just get to sit around and read comics all day. I'm sure that would be cool, but we wouldn't be the amazing chain of stores we are today if we sat on our laurels 24/7. Monday is our inventory day. The day of the work that is VERY busy with paperwork and reorders. I have little time to look at a comic, much less read one, and then manage to write about said comic. So forgive the apparent "lateness" of this post.

So the much-hyped, much-anticipated Captain America #600 arrives at your local Amazing Fantasy TODAY, in an unusual move by Marvel to release this book on a, gasp, MONDAY!
So, is it worth all the hub-bub? Hm... good question. I haven't exactly had swarms of folks flooding the shop today asking for Captain America #600. It's an odd move for Marvel to make. Yes, they did get press releases out to various news organizations about Steve Rogers coming back as Cap, but did we really NEED to have Cap #600 2 days early, really? Is Marvel somehow getting a kick back from Diamond for the extra freight costs this stunt is costing the retailers? I could have seen what is now being called "Captain America: Reborn" #1 coming out on a Monday for the demand that MAY be there, but it's hard to say if that will really happen. So Marvel roles out the press machine TODAY for the anniversary issue. I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing, in fact, I must confess, I forgot to bring my copy home with me, but upon looking at it, Steve doesn't actually come back in THIS issue. I mean, it's a nice anniversary issue, with some cool little vignettes about Steve as Cap, but he isn't really BACK in the present day just yet. Sharon just says she something to the effect that she "thinks" she knows how to bring Steve back. Hence, Captain America: Reborn #1 is where the action really is, so again, I ask, why the big hubbub today, on a Monday for god's sake? I just don't get it, at least not yet, maybe it will all make sense in the grand scheme of things, after July 1st, when Reborn #1 comes out, but I somehow doubt it. I'm actually quite glad I didn't go hog wild on the whole "mystery" that was surrounding Captain America #600. I have plenty of copies in stock for those that want to check it out, and I'm sure it's a great read, I have faith in the creative team, and look forward to reading it tomorrow night, but I don't think it was necessary to direct ship these books 2 days early. Shouldn't Marvel wait to role out the big press releases when Steve actually comes back in Reborn #1? Maybe I'm crazy, for not understanding Marvel's obvious "brilliance." I'm VERY intrigued by the now titled "Captain America: Reborn" that will be shipping July 1st. Again, great creative team, and if anyone can pull off a stunt like this it's my man, Ed Brubaker. So I will give him and his art team, the benefit of the doubt and will wait to judge this whole scenario until after Reborn #1 ships. So, thanks Marvel, I guess? I'm suppose to be thankful right, for the privilege of being able to sell this book early? I am. Believe me, I would be mightily pissed if they did something like this without ANY warning, like the whole Death of Cap thing, but this Captain America #600 doesn't look like it's the real story here, it's all a lead in to "Captain America: Reborn." I wonder how many folks, after reading the various news articles and hearing the CNN reports about this today will remember that Reborn #1 ships on July 1st? How many of those same folks will come in the store over the next few days thinking that Reborn #1 is here NOW since the news sources were reporting on it today? Time will tell....


  1. So, is the regular Captain America series going on hiatus while Reborn is going on, or will both series be ongoing concurrently?

    As for people asking for Reborn, I guess it is at least marginally better to try and sell them a copy of #600 and tell them to come back in a couple of weeks for more than to tell them, "Oops, sorry, but Marvel sneak-attacked us on this one and we're already all sold out," right? Or will that just make the average non-comics-reading man on the street feel like he is the victim of a bait and switch?

  2. Yes, word on the street is the regular Captain America book will go on hiatus while Reborn is coming out. Note for subscribers: if you are already on the Captain America card, you will automatically receive the Reborn series, unless you tell us otherwise, Just something to keep in mind.

    And if folks come in looking for the "Return of Steve Rogers" I will happily show them Cap #600, just in case they want to jump on board now. And I will of course offer to call them when Reborn #1 arrives. I just question Marvel's need to push Cap #600 out 2 days early.