Monday, June 22, 2009

Chicks in Capes EXCLUSIVE information!

I've been dying to talk about this project in an official capacity for a while now. I've hinted at it previously, but I've decided that now is the time to spill the beans. One of the projects I am currently working on for Moonstone is our new prose short story anthology called Chicks in Capes. I have worked on other projects for Moonstone over the years, and I am currently involved in a few others, but this is the one I wanted to share with you today. I am editing this book along with CBG columnist Karen O'brien. The painted cover you see above this post is by Nicola Scott (she of DC's Secret Six fame), with interior black and white illustrations by Emily Stone (she of Hack/Slash fame) also pictured above. My concept for the book was to create a collection of ALL NEW prose short stories by a variety of female writers, ABOUT female super heroes, edited by a female team, with covers by two female artists and interior illustrations by a female artist. This is shaping up to be an amazing collection! I am VERY excited about this, and I want all of you to pre-order it from your local A/F when this baby goes to press. I am still getting the book together, so publication is a ways off, maybe about 6 months away or more, but you are reading about it HERE first. See, yet again, it pays to read my blog! We haven't even announced this with an official press release yet or anything, so this is EXCLUSIVE information. The target audience for this book is anyone that enjoys reading super hero stories, it's not just for girls. There is something for everyone in here! I just thought it would be super fun to have the entire book produced by women. No small feat in this industry. Here is the list of the authors contributing:

As previously mentioned in this blog the amazingly talented Trina Robbins (she of GO Girl fame, Brinkley Girls, and celebrated comic historian).

Jennifer Fallon (famed Australian best-selling sci-fi and fantasy author).

Elaine Lee (most well known as author of Starstruck and Vamps comics, but has written a host of other comics and books).

Cathy Clamp (USA Today best-selling author).

Gillian Horvath (writer for various genres including scripts for the TV shows: Flash Gordon, Painkiller Jane, and Highlander).

K.G. McAbee (and another award winning writer).

Debbie Viguie (yet another, award winning writer).

Barbara Kesel (comic writer: Meridan, Sigil, The First, Aliens Vs. Predator and more).

Elizabeth Massie (and another, award winning writer).

Nancy Holder (best-selling author including Buffy contributing an all new Domino Lady story, who recently starred in her very own Moonstone anthology Sex as a Weapon and star of the soon-to-be-released comic Domino Lady).

Kathe Catto (contributing an all new Lady Action story, as first seen in Moonstone's Captain Action comics courtesy of Captain Action Enterprises).

Valerie D'Orazio (famous comic blogger )

Maggie Thompson (the woman behind Comic Buyer's Guide. I believe the longest running periodical devoted to the comic book medium).

Jen Contino (#1 gal behind comic book website The Pulse).

Damn impressive line-up if I don't say so myself! I will give you a partial list of the names of the characters created for this anthology, I'm not going to tell you much about any of them yet, you will have to stay tuned for that. As we get closer to publication, I will be supplying a little tease for each character. Some of the characters are: Witchwoman, Violet Valet, Mischief, The Kirby Girls, Silver Slut and MORE!

That's it for the information I am willing to share for now. Keep checking back for late-breaking news on this unique book: Chicks in Capes.


  1. Lori,

    Chicks write comic books? When did this happen?

    See you soon :)

  2. LOL
    You are SO funny Francis.....NOT! Women have been involved in the creative side of the industry FOR A LONG TIME. (I know you know this and just want to get me all riled up, you jerk!)

  3. Women should get work in comics more often than they do.

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