Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Archie #600 Info

Archie #600, the much-hyped "Proposal" issue ships to comic shops on August 19th, two full weeks before it hits news-stands. The direct market will have 2 weeks lead time to sell this book, yay! If you want a copy of this book, please please please call your local Amazing Fantasy and tell them to hold you a copy or 2 BEFORE August 18th. The sooner you let your shop know the better! Remember this is PART 1 OF 6! If you want ALL 6 parts, you need to specify that to your shop. I know I will be taking names and phone numbers at the Frankfort shop, starting now, so don't wait! Just because Veronica says "yes" on the cover does NOT mean that she is the one ol' Archie will marry. I mean really, they aren't going to give away the end of part 6 on the cover to part 1, I mean really? Paul (you know the fellow with the shaved head that works at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy that has a proclivity for flannel) thinks it might indeed "end" with Archie marrying one of the girls, but after that Archie Comics may REBOOT! I have to say, that sounds like something that could very well happen. If it does, you read it here first, don't forget that! It makes sense. Finally give everyone the payoff that they've been waiting for for 60 PLUS years, and then start it all over again. Maybe when/if they relaunch the book, they might use that new "more realistic" style they've been toying with over various "special" issues. I'm sort of excited. I grew up reading Archie of course, so I will probably attempt to read this storyline. Will I be able to make it through all 6 parts without having an aneurysm? Hard to say, but I will give it a shot. You may want to do the same.

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  1. Hey this is pretty great Archie pics the one that looks like Bettie Page (may she rest in peace) even though the blond is the one named Betty. I read Archie when I was a kid, so I'm tempted to check this one out. It's good to see some comic book companies still think married characters indeed may be good for the long term health of the title.