Friday, June 5, 2009

June 2009 Previews has a lot of good stuff!

Every month when the new Previews comes out, I'm going to take a little time to discuss a few of the more exciting books solicited. I know Previews can be over-whelming, especially for those that aren't used to looking through it. So I will just tell you what you will need to order/buy to make everyone's life easier.

First from Dark Horse we have what I'm sure will be a new masterpiece by our friend Bryan Talbot, called Grandville. It will be shipping October 28th, with a retail of $17.95. The wonderful thing about Bryan's last few comic projects is they've been published as graphic novels to begin with, so no waiting between issues. His last masterpiece, Alice in Sunderland was beyond wonderful. His newest en devour Grandville looks to be another keeper. Very much in the vane of some European classics, such as Blacksad. Previews calls it "a fantastical and audacious roller-coaster ride, visually stunning and rich in memorable detail." I'm sold and I hope you will be too!

Next up, something that I think every Fables fan has been looking forward to: The new Fables HC novel, entitled: Peter and Max. The very first Fables prose novel! Scheduled to ship October 7th, and retails for $22.99. I highly recommend that if you want this book that you let your local Amazing Fantasy know asap. Normally we would give all subscribers of Fables the various mini-series or one-shots that come out in comic book form, but since this is a novel and retail is so high (in comparison to a comic) you will need to let us know if you want it. Assume that the paperback will ship about a year from the release of the hardcover. A more affordable way to try out Peter and Max is the $1.00 preview that will be coming out July 15th. This special will reprint the first issue of the Fables comic along with a special excerpt of the new novel. Let your local shop know if you would like either one of these items.

The last new book I'm going to talk about is a Moonstone book. I know big surprise since I do help out with various books at our sister company. Domino Lady, issue #1 will be shipping very soon to shops and in this issue of Previews, we've solicited #2 for the new ongoing comic book series. I am VERY excited about this series! I'm the editor on this series and I also edited the Domino Lady short story prose anthology that Moonstone published a few month ago entitled Sex as a Weapon. If you haven't picked that up yet, I encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience. Back to the new comic book series. It is written by Nancy Holder: Buffy novelist, NY Times best-selling author, and Bram Stoker winner. She has really captured our gal. This is Nancy's first comic book series, so she came to comic script writing as a newbie, but she has quickly become a master of the form. Domino Lady is a sexy minx, who uses everything at her disposal to get the bad guys. In other words, she isn't afraid to use her femininity to her advantage. Be sure to get this fun, noir-adventure starring a very obscure pulp character: Domino Lady. DL was the ONLY female character from the pulp days, and she is back, better than ever!

Ok, enough of my recommendations. I could go through each company's solicitations and pick out at least ONE must-read book, well, almost every company. I hope you give at least one of the above mentioned books a try, you won't be disappointed, and if you are, then you have no taste.

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  1. It's weird how we just sort of pick things up out of the so-called "collective unconscious". I've been doing a lot of pulp reading lately, particularly of the lesser known heroes, just because I love the idea of all these writers who made a living creating these stories that are virtually unknown today (and did it FAST - a novel a month wasn't unusual. Reminds me to keep doin' my thing...)

    I've recently discovered Domino Lady, through the moonstone anthology, and a bunch of redesigns done on various public domain characters across the net. I'm totally jazzed about Nancy Holder's book...