Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Other Promo Lantern Rings

Good news! Those of you that have been asking for the other colored promo lantern rings, your prayers have been answered! Over the next few months the rest of the colors will be available as promo items. Here is the list of what ring comes with what book:

Yellow Ring: buy a copy of Doom Patrol #4 to get yours November 4th

Orange Ring: buy a copy of Booster Gold #26 to get yours November 18th

Red Ring: buy a copy of Justice League #39 to get yours December 2nd

Green Ring: buy a copy of Blackest Night #5 to get yours December 16th

Blue Ring: buy a copy of Adventure Comics #4 to get yours December 30th (which won't be the case if you read my earlier post about the skip week, so I'm assuming this ring will actually be available on January 6th unless they decide to push it out early as a Xmas present for the fans on December 23rd. I'll keep you posted when I have more info on this ring...)

Indigo Ring: buy a copy of Rebels #10 to get yours January 13th

Violet Ring: buy a copy of Outsiders #24 to get yours January 27th

So LOTS of promo lantern rings will be coming your way very soon! Stay tuned for further details...

Updated 08/19/09: all of the above mentioned books will be coming out in November but the rings won't be shipping until the dates listed. If this is indeed the case, Amazing Fantasy will be issuing coupons to give out to every customer that buys a qualifiying comic that will be redeemable on or after the date the ring ships. Everything is under control. :)


  1. *hangs head sadly* Yeah, I'll be getting all of those.

  2. Haha, man, I have to buy a bunch of comics I don't like if I want to collect the rest of the rings? Thanks DC Comics. :/

  3. But, the rings are FREE with purchase...

    OR, you could look at it as the rings are either $2.99 or $3.99, and you get a free comic you may never look at.


  4. Ok,
    to make things even more confusing it looks like most if not all of the books that tie into the ring promo are coming out in November but the rings themselves won't be shipping until the dates I specified, it that makes sense. All very annoying...

  5. wow thats confusing that they're shipping on a later date - but yes Col_Fury I am looking at it as if I am getting A free comic with A ring purchase, Although I will be picking up JL #39, BN #5 and maybe Booster Gold #26 anyways this just another reason to start reading Adventure comics.