Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Marvel 70th Anniversary Party Report

Want to see a bunch of pictures from Tuesday night's Marvel party festivities? Go here:

The party was a super success! Yummy cake for everyone. I'm telling you, you offer free cake and the fans will come. Thanks to everyone for coming out! We had customers from all four locations show up, it was just great! And special thanks to Daron "The Colonel" for helping out. Daron was my co-host, and ran the Marvel Trivia portion of the festivities and thanks also to his lovely wife Sarah who took many pictures throughout the evening and helped serve the cake. And thanks to Paul and Adam for coming out to work that night.

We offered special pricing on Marvel graphic novels in honor of the party and many people were quick to take advantage. Of course, we had the special Party Variants available for purchase of both Marvel Projects #1 and Marvel Comics Reprint #1, both were also big hits. And as a special bonus, we had many Marvel Variant covers for sale. A rare occurrence at any Amazing Fantasy location.

I was skeptical at first when Marvel announced this event, but I'm glad I decided to participate at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy location. It was so much fun, I'm thinking I need to do something in honor of DC at some point soon, maybe before the end of the year. Superman's 70th Anniversary was last year I think and this year is Batman's 70th. Why hasn't DC made a big stink on their own? I have no idea, maybe they are waiting for the 75th to make a big splash.

The Marvel Trivia contest went over really well! First, Daron whittled down the contestants by getting them to line up, and as they made their way to the front of the line he would name a letter of the alphabet and the contestant had to come up with a Marvel character that starts with that letter. I think we had at least 20 or 25 folks participating at the onset of the contest. Once it was down to the "Final Three" it became a Marvel Trivia contest similar in concept to Jeopardy. Our final three: Eric, Warwick, and Don. All three did a great job, but it quickly became clear that Warwick was the bigger Marvel Zombie. He knew A LOT! So, no surprise that Warwick ended up with 3 million points (ok, I might be exaggerating, but you get the idea) , beating out our other two finalists. So congrats to Warwick! All three finalists walked away with an assortment of Marvel Variant Comics. Fun was definitely had by all!

I can't forget to thank Ken for coming out dressed in his version of Mary Jane. I had announced a Mary Jane look-alike contest, but he was the only one to take advantage. He came as "Nick Fury in disguise as Mary Jane." Go look at the pictures for the complete ensemble. Basically he came as Fury (in honor of the Colonel, I'm sure), complete with gun, eye patch, and cigar, he then added to this the Mary Jane elements of a lovely red wig and headband. What a dish! He received a very cool Amazing Spiderman 70th Anniversary frame variant cover edition featuring Mary Jane Watson!

Thanks everyone!

70 years of Marvel Comics, here's to 70 more! (If I had some champagne I would be toasting) Yay!

Next big event at the Frankfort shop: The JSA Vs. Kobra art team signing Saturday September 12th.


  1. With Superman, I think DC didn't make a big splash due to some legal issues that were, at the time, still on-going with the Siegel estate over ownership rights. No idea about Batman. Maybe they want to stress "new and exciting" over "been around almost a century".

  2. Had A great time at the event, Im looking forward to the art team signing on the 12th!
    You definatley need to do another party like that, Batman's 70th would be amazing!