Friday, August 14, 2009

Must Read(s) of the Week

Three Blackest Night titles shipped this week, and all three are worth checking out.

Blackest Night #2 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis
The first issue of this mini-series was interesting, but this issue I think is a little better. I'm still not completely sold on the idea of all the DC dead coming back to life as Black Lantern/Zombies, but so far I'm going to keep coming back to see how events unfold. I really do hate big universe spanning cross-overs, but... Now, the events in Blackest Night are pretty much self-contained in the mini Green Lantern-verse that Johns has hold on, but still. I give Johns lots of points for keeping a tight reign on this cross-overs so far, and kudos also to DC for giving Johns the flexibility to do this right. Never in a million years did I think it possible for a Green Lantern event to become the top seller from DC, never. The only complaint I have is when will the dead STOP rising? I would like the story to progress farther than the "who's risen this issue" to actual story, but who am I to gripe? The books are selling, are coming out on time, the story and art are great so far, fans are happy, so there is much joy to be had from this cross-over so far, I'm just hoping that there is a good payoff when all is said and done. Obviously we can't have a bunch of zombie Black Lanterns in the DCU permanently, can we? Also loved the addition of "The Book of Black" excerpt at the back of the issue, I imagine we will see more of these throughout the series. There are some out there that complain about these kinds of extras, why not just more story they ask? I say keep these kind of extras coming, because it will make the fans come back for more.
I give this issue 4 out of 5 black lantern rings, why not 5 out of 5? Because it's still a big cross-over universe event, so it's against my very nature to give stories like that 5 out of 5.

Blackest Night: Batman #1
by Peter Tomasi and Ardrian Syaf
This book was WAY better than I thought it would be. Most of the time with the big crossover events, the main mini-series is all I read from month to month, but I always try the first issues of the other minis, and this one actually makes me want to read the other two issues, PLUS I am now considering picking up the other mini-mini-series, such as Blackest Night: Superman and Blackest Night: Teen Titans, which in and of itself is quite unprecedented. I'm never been a big fan of Tomasi's writing, at least not until very recently. He has really come into his own with this event. He's been writing Green Lantern Corps for a long time now, and now this Batman mini, both are very good reads. This issue's special bonus: an appearance by Deadman! Woohoo! Boston Brand has always been one of my all time favorite DC characters. We go for months, sometimes even years, with no coverage on Deadman, and NOW he was a weekly feature in Wednesday Comics and he's co-starring in this mini. DC is making very happy right now. The other fun thing about this issue is seeing Batman and Robin together. I can't get enough of this new dynamic duo. They bicker, they don't really like each other, they don't really have a lot of respect for each other, etc. Makes for great reading! It's about time the Batman-verse gets a shake-up! Yes yes, I already talked about this back when Batman and Robin #1 came out, but it never hurts to reiterate.
4 out of 5 black lantern rings for this one too! (Bonus: this mini-series is only $2.99!)

Green Lantern Corps #39
By Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
If someone had told me three-plus years ago that Green Lantern Corps would be coming back as a monthly title and that it would consistently place in the top 5-10 books for DC every month, I would not have believed it. Normally by this time, Corps would have been canceled. It's on issue #39, with no end in sight. I've always loved the idea of a Corps book, because there are so many great Green Lantern characters to pull from, and Tomasi has really done a great job with this book. This issue is of course a Blackest Night cross-over, but it's a good one! Not one of those books with the banner slapped on it for a minor scene, both this book and it's counterpart, the monthly Green Lantern book, are important elements for the greater story. It's rather hard to read just the Blackest Night mini-series on its own, you also should really pick up Corps and the regular GL book for a more complete picture.
3 out of 5 black lantern rings, worth a try, again only $2.99!

This week was just a BIG week, lots of good books came in! Ultimate Avengers #1 by Mark Millar and Carlos Pacheco. I didn't necessarily LOVE this book as much as I enjoyed the first two maxi-series from Millar and friends, but this seems like it could be interesting. I will at least give it another issue or two. Red Herring #1 from Wildstorm written by David Tischman with art from one of my all time-favorites, Philip Bond. Red Herring is a very unique book and could be the next break-away hit from Wildstorm. Be sure to flip through it next time you are at your local Amazing Fantasy location. And Unwritten #4 also shipped, which has me itching for the next issue as soon as I read it!

Lots of great reading available this week! Wheeee!!

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  1. I recently got back into GL comics because of the Blackest Night story arc and I'm really enjoying.