Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marvel 70th Birthday Bash Tonight!

Tonight is the BIG 70 Years of Marvel Party at the Frankfort location! From 9pm-11pm!

Here is the rundown for the evening:

Special pricing on various Marvel product!

Buy Marvel Projects #1 and Marvel Comics #1 70th Anniversary Edition one day early!

Buy Special Party Variants for Marvel Projects #1 and Marvel Comics #1! (Limit of 1 of each of these special variants per person and they will only cost $3.99 each. If I have any left at the end of the night I will sell them in the shop starting Wednesday but the price will no longer be $3.99, it will go up to $4.99, so buy yours on Tuesday night!)

Participate in The Colonel's Marvel Trivia Contest and win cool Marvel variant comics!

Participate in the Mary Jane look-alike contest to win cool prizes! (Not limited to women, lol!)

Enjoy some yummy Marvel Birthday party cake! (Cold milk will also be available to wash it all down. I am such a thoughtful host.)

Past and present Marvel comics variants will be for sale for this night ONLY!

Don't' forget to wear a Marvel themed T-shirt to show that you are a true fan, so when I take your picture to post on our various websites it will be easy to tell that you LOVE you some Marvel comics!

Note: the X-men will not be able to attend, but I'll be there, Jerkules, a special appearance by Adam and of course it wouldn't be a Marvel party without the Colonel and his wife!

Hope to see you all there!


  1. This sounds really cool. I wish I could make it, but unfortunately I am working tonight.

  2. I didn't go. Marvel is already screwing me out of my money. I'm probably going to stop buying their comics.

  3. You missed a great time! Pictures and full report will be coming tomorrow. Thanks all for coming in, it was loads of fun!