Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diamond Announces Skip Week!

For the first time in MANY MANY years there will be a skip week for new comics being released at the end of December. So no new books of any kind the week of December 28th. I talked to Joe, owner of Amazing Fantasy, and he said this kind of thing would happen once if not twice a year back in the day before I was working here, so that means it's been over 18 years for a "skip week." This is why it is happening. The week prior to this is Christmas which means the next week's books would normally be delayed by one day, but since the next week that one day delay would fall on New Year's Eve and UPS is not running on New Year's Eve and of course the following day, Friday, is New Year's Day, so again no UPS. So we are all shit of luck for that week. Because of this skip week, expect the preceding week's shipment (December 23rd) and the following week's shipment (January 6th) to be extra heavy.

Do not despair comic book fans! Your local Amazing Fantasy may not have any NEW comics to sell you the week of December 28th but we will be running some kind of special customer appreciation sale or special. More details to follow in the coming months. I'm not sure what we will do, but you can believe it will be worth your weekly trip to the local comic shop! That week is the perfect week to pick up some graphic novels or back issues with all your Christmas gift cards/gift certificates or cash. We will help you find some cool reads that week, I guarantee it! Stay tuned as we come up with our cool Holiday Skip Week Special!

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  1. Oh, this is good. I won't have much money around Christmas, so a week without them will do wonders for my wallet.