Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Spectre Animated!

This is pretty cool, The Spectre will be animated in the new Justice League, Crisis on Two Earths, direct-to-dvd animated special, as a special animated short included with the full length movie. Check out the details, and a preview on the link from Newsarama here:

I'm pretty excited about this! I love The Spectre, from the Golden Age, down through the present, but I have to say Detective Corrigan has always been my favorites of the Spectres, and the only one that counts imo. They have also announced that they will be doing more of these little animated "shorts" in the future, the next one being, surprise surprise, Jonah Hex. I can't wait to see which other characters they choose to highlight this way in the future. Obviously they want to devote some time to these secondary characters, but DC knows that the odds of a Spectre full-length animated special would most likely sell significantly less than say... the Justice League or Wonder Woman. Who could be next? I would love to see them produce some animated specials based on Vertigo properties, wouldn't that be brilliant? I have serious doubts that we will EVER see the Sandman or Death movies, since they have been in Hollywood limbo for years with options all over the place, but nothing officially green lit. Or better yet, how about a direct-to-dvd Constantine movie? I would be all over that, and they wouldn't be limited by the budget because all of the effects would be animated, John could travel to hell and back again for a lot less than a full-length feature film. Damn, am I the only one that would kill to see a trippy animated Invisibles or animated Doom Patrol? Oh the possibilities are endless....

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  1. Wow that's awesome. Great character for DC to decide to animate. I was looking forward to this DVD before, now I'm even more excited. Thanks for the tip.