Thursday, January 14, 2010

More One Measly Dollar Books coming!

Image has announced the $1.00 reprint month, starting March 31st, running through April 28th. Every week during the promotion they will reprint 2 Image #1's for just a BUCK! Following on the heels of DC's "After Watchmen...What's Next" promotion, along with Marvels #1 reprint month, Image is getting in on the game. How long before Dark Horse follows suit? I have no problem with this idea, not in the least. Who wouldn't spend a buck to try a new book that they've heard of but never read before? Too bad I've already read all of Image's offerings, but that shouldn't stop the rest of you! Here is the list of what they will be reprinting for ONE MEASLY DOLLAR:

Youngblood #1
(*groan* seriously folks? Do they HONESTLY think that IF someone is willing to spend a buck on this that it will somehow translate into graphic novel sales or Youngblood issue sales? Dear god, no. In fact, if someone picks this up as their only $1.00 try an Image book experiment, I'm betting they will NOT be back for more. I can't fault Image and Liefeld for trying, I suppose it's POSSIBLE although highly unlikely that someone will buy this issue, read it, and return for more Youngblood.)

Walking Dead #1
(Just in case, there is SOMEONE out there that HASN'T tried Walking Dead yet, lol. Just looking at my numbers and reorders for the floppies and the graphic novels, I would find that to be very surprising, but this choice was a no brainer on Image's part).

Spawn #1
(Hm... I guess they had to include this one, since Spawn and Savage Dragon are the only still ongoing books from the original Image founders that are being published by Image proper. At least this books LOOKS nice, you remember back when McFarlane would actually draw his own book? Wow those days seem like eons ago...)

Chew #1
(Another no brainer on Image's part. This book has been the runaway sleeper hit of the past year. For one measly dollar, we should be able to turn a lot of new folks onto this unique book.)

Savage Dragon #1
(Ok, ok, I know this one like Spawn #1 HAD to be reprinted, but I wonder if this $1 issue will translate into any subsequent sales of Savage Dragon comics or graphic novels. Fans of the Dragon are die-hard indeed, but how many new possible Dragon fans are there? Interesting, very interesting, to witness the after effects of this particular reprint.)

Age of Bronze #1
(Great choice Image! I'm VERY excited to see this first issue reprinted for One Measly Dollar! This is a great book, that more people need to read. Damn fine historical fiction that I certainly hopes translates into graphic novel sales.)

Witchblade #1
(Again, this book is by one of the founding Image partners, so it rather has to be reprinted with this promotion, even though Silvestri and all of his properties splintered off into Top Cow years ago. This book, despite my lack of enthusiasm, has some staying power. They managed to spin this book off into a TV show, a video game, a manga, and I think a movie might be in the works if I remember correctly. Just goes to show you that not every book is for everyone.)

Girls #1
(Interesting choice here Image. This was a mini-series from the Luna brothers, that was a rather entertaining read, but it is not a current on-going series from Image. The Luna brothers have made their home at Image, so it was a natural choice for Image to reprint ONE of their books. Maybe this will translate into some graphic novel sales.)

Invincible #1
(Another no-brainer here. This is Kirkman's other flagship book at Image, that continues to sell well, not as well as Walking Dead, but respectably well for a non-Big-Two superhero book. I expect this reprint to spawn (no pun intended) an upswing in Invincible back issues and graphic novels.)

Proof #1
(Another great call Image! This book doesn't sell very well as a monthly, but the graphic novels do rather well, and this affordable reprint may be just the ticket to rocket this fun comic into the big league. Recommended reading for any Hellboy fan imo.)

So ten FUN new reprints for ONE MEASLY DOLLAR, coming your way in April! Try a couple of these, and odds are good you will find something new that is worth getting excited about.

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