Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Called an iPad!

Big news day today. Not only do we have big announcements from Marvel and DC, but Apple finally unveils their fancy-dancy iPad. Read about it here or just about anywhere else because every other news source has their own take on it:

Here is the price break-down:

16GB 32GB 64GB
WiFi $499 $599 $699
WiFi+3G $629 $729 $829

Seems a little nutty, but the price will come down over time I'm sure. Is this tech really the be all end all that everyone in the industry has been lusting over since the first hints of it surfaced a few years back? I have no idea. I'm sure it's a lot of fun to use and looks very pretty, but it's still pretty damn expensive and you have the option to buy into the dataplan with AT&T. Great, just what everyone needs, another monthly bill to add to the monthly cell phone and monthly Internet charges, no matter if you have crappy DSL or groovy cable there is still a bill. So now we are talking THREE ways for money to fly out of your wallet for services only. I hate paying a monthly service fee for an intangible something-or-other. Now, don't get me wrong, if Apple decided for, whatever reason, to give me a FREE iPad with FREE Internet services for a year, I'm sure I would take advantage, I would enjoy the shit out of the iPad, but for now, I will sit back, relax, count my pennies and wait for the barrage of online articles about the iPad and how awesome it is. The media coverage alone will be entertaining I'm sure. For god's sake there has been a countdown on many comic book related news sites. Will comic art look good on this fancy color touch-screen? Hell yes, I'm sure it will, BUT it is worth the price of admission? I'm sure there are many folks out there that can purchase an iPad and call it an "office expense" for business purposes, especially if their job requires a lot of traveling. I'm absolutely certain those kind of people will find all kinds of use for the iPad, but don't those same folks already have cool high-end laptops? I know the touch screen and the thinness of the pad are alluring, but is it enough to warrant another tech purchase, or is just something for techheads to get excited about?

Late breaking news:
Also check out this link at Newsarma, with more info:

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  1. On the plus side, they sell the cheaper versions without 3G capability. The price isn't subsidized by cellphone networks.

    Also, unlike the B&W e-ink Kindle, it'll be able to properly display digital color comics.