Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October 09 Previews: What you need!

The new Previews issue came out today, one of the few joys I have left, is flipping through this baby on the last Wednesday of the month. It's been rather annoying over the last few years, the major companies have been highlighting more and more of their solicitations on the various comics news sites. I try not to "ruin" my fun by looking at that info early, call me old fashioned, but I feel like a little kid flipping through every new issue of Previews. Remember, way way back when Sears would publish their yearly Christmas Wishbook Catalog? I feel like that whenever Previews comes out. Kids these days are spoiled, they look at their favorite websites daily to preview all of the toys and games they are going to want way way before they are available at the store. Sometimes I think there is just TOO much information readily available online, but that's another bitch for another day. So what got me excited in this newest issue of Previews Magazine?

From Dark Horse: Martians Go Home #1 by my good friend Martin Powell with art by Mike Manley. (Martin has done a lot of work for us at Moonstone as well as plenty of projects by other publishers. ) This is an adaptation of the classic 1950's sci-fi novel of the same name. It looks like this is going to be the first in the line of old school sci-fi novel comic book adaptions. Looks like it will be a lot of fun!

From DC Entertainment:
Blackest Night: Flash #1 written by Geoff Johns and art by Scott Kolins
1 of 3 issues. Should be GREAT! I've actually enjoyed both the Batman and Superman Blackest Night mini-series and since Geoff is writing this one himself it should be very good.
Blackest Night: JSA #1 written by one of my all time favorite writers James Robinson!
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1 written by Greg Rucka with art by one of favorite female artist Nicola Scott. This will definitely be one to read! Wonder Woman will be changing forever (supposedly) after the events in Blackest Night. Will she be the ultimate White Lantern? Will she be the Rainbow Lantern? We don't know, we will have to wait to find out! The reason I'm speculating here is because in the Blackest Night wave 3 action figures there is a Wonder Woman figure but they only show the outline of her figure, because they don't want to spoil the surprise. Much speculation on this one.
Daytripper #1, new Vertigo mini series by Gabriel Ga and Fabio Moon. This is going to be hot.
Hellblazer: Pandemonium HC. Just in time for John Constantine's 25th Anniversary. Original Hellblazer writer, Jamie Delano returns for an all new graphi novel. Can't wait! Delano is my favorite of the Hellblazer writers.

From Image: Tank Girl Dark Nuggets One Shot! By original creator Alan Martin! I'm super excited that Alan has come back to Tank Girl! Tank Girl is one of my favorite characters from back in the day.

From Marvel: Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection! In honor of Mike S. I had to mention this because we all know how much he LOVES Mini-Marvels. This collects the first collection that is now OUT OF PRINT, mostly thanks to Mike and his passion for this book, and the second collection together in ONE handy dandy volume! Yay, fun!

From Albatross: Chimichanga #1 by Eric Powell! Powell returns to his roots, the company that launched The Goon has allowed him to return for all new craziness! This is Powell's first all new creator owned work since The Goon. Appropriate for all ages.

From Bob Burden Studios: Mysterymen Adventures vol 1! 10th anniversary edition. Reprints the original four issue color mini-series that inspired the Universal movie starring Ben Stiller, Janeane Garfolor and William H. Macy.

From Boom: Incorruptible #1 by Mark Waid. It's the flip-side of Irredeemable!

From IDW: Angel #28. Apparently Bill Willingham is taking full advantage of his expired exclusive DC contract. IDW is his company of choice at the moment. He also has that cool new graphic novel coming out later in 2010 at IDW called Storyteller with art by Gene Ha. Back to Angel, it will be interesting to see what Bill comes up with to make this book interesting again.

From Moonstone:
Lady Action One-shot, written by fan favorite Tony Lee! This should be thoroughly entertaining. The man behind the ongoing Doctor Who comic at IDW and the forthcoming graphic novel adaption of the NY Times Best-selling Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Can't wait to read this one! (I'm not the editor on this Moonstone book, so I have to wait to read it, just like the rest of you!

Phantom Double Shot#1 KGB Noir by Mr. Phantom himself, Mike Bullock, with a cover by Mr. Marvel Noir Dennis Calero. This is another must read! The Ghost Who Walks, black and white noir style! The back-up feature is Moonstone's newest pulp hero Death Angel.

There is even MORE cool stuff in this month's Previews! Be sure to pick up your copy soon!

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