Sunday, September 13, 2009

JSA vs. Kobra Signing Wrap-up

The JSA vs. Kobra signing with Gene Ha, Don Kramer, and Mike Babinski was a great success!
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Our thanks to all three creators that made time in their busy schedules to come out to the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy to sign, sketch, and chat with our customers. Gene, Don, and Mike were so nice and personable with the fans, it was a real treat to have the three of them at the shop. And both Gene Ha and Don Kramer were kind enough to do free head sketches for our customers as well as sign whatever books the fans wanted. And I have to thank our customers too, old and new, for being patient waiting for their turn to get a sketch. It really turned out to be a fun time. There was no pushing and shoving, no problems whatsoever. Days like this make me happy to be a comic retailer. These kinds of signings are the perfect example of what makes a comic shop unique from other retail outlets. There is a certain familiarity in the air of a comic shop because everyone there knows that they are surrounded by other like-minded customers, all fans of the medium, maybe they favor different titles or creators, but every one in a comic shop knows that they are free to talk comics with everyone in attendance: employees, fellow customers and even creators.

We here in the Chicago area are very lucky to have so many great comic book creators in the vicinity, which means we have an abundance of local creators available for conventions and in-store appearances. We've been very lucky to host signings for a few of them over the last couple of years: Doug Klauba, Len Kody, Dan Dougherty, Jill Thompson, Brian Azzarello, Tony Akins, Tim Seeley, Emily Stone, Chris Burnham, Mike Norton, Chris Mitten, Skottie Young, and of course the fine fellows from this most recent signing - Don Kramer, Gene Ha, and Mike Babinski. Amazing Fantasy Frankfort is rather far out in the suburbs, but every single one of these creators made the effort to come out to see the fans, even though Frankfort isn't exactly what I would call "convenient" for any of these folks.

Next weekend Amazing Fantasy will be making our annual convention appearance at Windy City Comicon in the lovely city of Chicago. Check out the fab guest list here This is the second fantastic year for Windy City Comicon, and we here at Amazing Fantasy are pleased as punch to be part of it! Hope to see you all there! Two of our recent guests are featured guests of the show and will be there, Don Kramer, and the guest of honor himself, Gene Ha. That's right, Amazing Fantasy was cool enough to host the very guest of honor for the show at the shop, to give our customers a chance to chat with Gene one on one before the mob scene at the show.

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