Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Art Baltazar Signing Report

This last Saturday was KID'S DAY at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy. Want to check out the pictures? Go to this link:

All in all, it was a fabulous day, as the pictures can attest. This is the first time I've had Art Baltazar at the shop and he was "awesome!" The kids loved him and all the free sketches he did! We also offered Tiny Titans coloring sheets, face painting, kids comics and graphic novels specials, oh and free balloons! Fun was had by all that attended. I was quite pleased with the number of kids that showed up, lots and lots! Many of them new faces, and many of them little girls. So cute! Made me so proud to see this new batch of fanboys and girls lining up to get their comics signed and to get custom sketches.

Tiny Titans is a great entry level comic for young children, and of course adults love it too because of all of the DCU "in" jokes. Gotta love "Jason Toddler" yes indeed. I applaud Art and Franko on a job well done. Art's art and coloring are top rate and the stories they collaborate on are just a riot. What a wonderful book. It's the comic I go to again and again when parents come in looking for a good comics for kids. Tiny Titans is always my number one recommendation.
Our thanks again to Art for making time in his very very busy schedule to come out for a fun afternoon! Everyone should really check out the above link to see all the cool pics. Many kids came out wearing their favorite superhero costume, it was AWESOME!!!

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