Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Becuase I LOVE Domo!

I LOVE DOMO! Who doesn't I mean come on, what could possibly be cuter that a little 2" Domo Qee?
Pictured here is a selection of cool Domos coming in tomorrow at the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy. The pink flocked Domo totally rocks. I think I might have to pick that up, to go with my pink plush Domo. Yes, they made a plush Pink Domo for Valentine's Day that was near impossible to find! Those bastards! Well, I'm going to pick up the mini pink flocked Domo tomorrow, along with the Skeleton Domo because...just because! Interested in any of these super kewl 2" Domos? Stop by the Frankfort Amazing Fantasy to get yours. The other Amazing Fantasy locations may be getting a selection of these too, you will have to check with your local A/F for availability.


Now, all I need is a Hello Kitty/Domo collection and life would be complete. I know, I know, Domo kills kittens (according to the Internet), but I'm sure they could come up with SOME kind of cool collaboration. Tokidoki and Marvel did it, and the result was nothing less than brilliant! Also, I can't forget the incredibly awesome, too cute for words, Tokidoki Hello Kitty collaboration. Maybe Domo could hang out with Tokidoki, I mean WHY NOT?

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