Friday, March 5, 2010


Reed has announced that there will be 175 programming events for C2E2. This includes panels and screenings. Just to put this into perspective, the San Diego Con usually has around 400 programming events. I think Wizard Chicago last year had 30 to 40 events scheduled (don't quote me here, it could have been less). Reed has not announced the line-up yet, just the total number. I imagine we will see the complete break-down in another 2 weeks or so, about a month prior to the show. Reed has also announced that they will have 200 Exhibitors and Artist Alley will be 250 strong. All impressive numbers. I suppose it's altogether possible that this show could sell out, so I can't recommend enough that you buy your tickets BEFORE the show. The sooner the better. Next time you are at your local Amazing Fantasy, pick them up. This con is looking better and better as we get closer to the show! Check their website around the middle of March to get the highly anticipated programming event guide.

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