Friday, April 30, 2010

The First Thor Promo Pic!

Holy Shit! First the Destroyer picture was leaked yesterday and now they release this OFFICIAL Thor promo picture. WOW! I had NO idea that Chris Hemsworth was going to look so damn good as every one's favorite Norse God! Hemsworth's big claim to fame before this role was in last summer's blockbuster Star Trek relaunch as Kirk's father, George Kirk. I guess I just have a thing for Norsemen/Vikings, because I also have a soft spot for the character of Eric Northman, the very tall blond vampire in True Blood who just so happens to have been a Viking when he became a vampire. Vikings/Norseman RULE! There definitely seems to be some kind of pattern for me here, not only do I lust after the all new Thor and Eric on True Blood, but I really enjoy reading Vertigo's hot Viking series, Northlanders. Oh yeah, I guess I SHOULD mention the Destroyer too, he looks cool and all, but he can't hold a candle to Chris Hemswroth as Thor. I mean, could Thor's costume pictured here be MORE spot-on? I don't think so. It looks like Marvel is doing it again, making a movie about a Marvel character that I've never cared about, and then after seeing the movie, I DO care about said character. It happened first with Iron Man, and now it seems to be happening with Ye Olde Thor. It appears that Marvel CAN do some things right in my book, especially where the movies are concerned. And did you hear that there was a leak for the "after credits" teaser from the theatrical release of Iron Man 2? Apparently Thor's hammer makes an appearance. Again, all I can say is "Oh my frickin' god!"

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  1. not a huge Thor fan but I am sort of looking forward to it.