Friday, April 30, 2010

C2E2 Panel Report

(The above picture is from the Big Moonstone Panel, that I discuss a bit further down the page).

The first panel I was part of was the following on Saturday afternoon:

"Do We Still Need a Women-in-Comics Panel?" Panel
Saturday E353
C2E2 focuses on the brilliant contributions made by the best and brightest women who continue to show everyone how it's done. Join Marvel Editor Jeanine Schaefer (Girl Comics, X-Force, Wolverine), Harvey Award nominated Lora Innes (IDW's The Dreamer), Comics Buyer's Guide Editor Maggie Thompson, Moonstone Editor Lori Gentile (Chicks in Capes, Domino Lady) and Renee Witterstatetter, editor, writer, agent and co-producer of the documentary series "Creator Chronicles." Moderated by Ed (Captain Action) Catto.

The turnout wasn't half bad for this panel. It was in a HUGE room, which really surprised me. I found out later that ALL of the panel rooms were HUGE, so even things like DC Nation didn't full up an entire room. This panel was a lot of fun. I was very nervous at first, but once I got over being microphone-shy, I was quite chatty and opinionated. Surprising I know. If you've ever met me or shopped at my store you know that give me half a chance and I'll be spouting opinions on just about any comic-related topic. (Case in point, this blog.) All of my fellow panelists were very cool, I'm glad I had a chance to meet and chat with all of them. Unfortunately, Maggie Thompson was unable to attend the show so therefore she wasn't on our panel. We did have two panelists that were not in listed in the original line-up: Dark Wolverine and Black Widow writer Marjorie Liu and artist Jenny Frison. The entire line-up made for some interesting dynamics and conversations, because four of the panelists are on the young side (20-somethings if I'm not mistaken), then there was me (39 going on 40 god help me) and Renee (not 100% sure of her age, and I'm not one to guess ages, but she was editing at Marvel when I was still reading a ton of Marvel comics, so let's just assume she's a little bit older than me). I can't thank Ed Catto enough for twisting my arm to be part of this panel.

The other panel I was involved in was the BIG Moonstone panel:

New Moon Rising: Moonstone Publications
Saturday E350
You may have seen them recently in USA Today, but did you know that Moonstone is celebrating a second decade of publishing? Publisher Joe Gentile is joined by top writers and artists for an exciting look ahead at Moonstone's exciting summer plans - The Return of the Originals, Chicks in Capes, Captain Action, and a "honey" of a comic!

It was great to be part of this panel! Many Moonstone regulars were on hand to discuss our upcoming projects: Joe Gentile (EIC and Co-Publisher of Moonstone), Dave Ulanski (Art Director and Co-Publisher of Moonstone), myself (Moonstone editor), Mike Bullock (Moonstone editor and writer), Len Kody (Moonstone writer), Jeff Limke (Moonstone writer), Aaron Shaps (Moonstone writer) and J Anthony Kosar (Moonstone artist) and Ed Catto (Captain Action). We showcased covers from many of our upcoming projects including: Phantom Detective, Black Bat, the NEW ongoing Buckaroo Banzai, the NEW ongoing Captain Action, the New Lost Tales of Sherlock Holmes, the New Honey West comic, Air Fighters, and many more! A nice lively discussion of all of these upcoming projects followed. This panel wasn't as well attended as it could have been, again we were in a HUGE room,this time with stadium seating, but at the very same time the BIG Neil Gaiman fund-raiser/appearance was going on next door, but we had a nice size crowd that seemed very interested and excited about all of our upcoming projects. Our thanks to everyone that stuck around after the show for this panel.

Moonstone also participated in two other panels that I was not part of, but thankfully there are online reports about both of those panels:

The Pulp Panel

The Outgrowing Your Toys Panel

Many many thanks again to Ed Catto (of the now famous Captain Action Enterprises) for making all of these panels possible!

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