Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NO F-ing WAY, NO NO NO!!!!

Rich Johnston, over at Bleeding Cool, posted about a possible Watchmen Prequel or Sequel in the works at DC now that Levitz has stepped down as publisher. We all heard about this possibility back in the day when Watchmen (the comic) originally came out, but Moore and Gibbons were not interested. According to Johnston, this is a pet project of Mr. Dan Didio. Christ, this better not happen. Read all about it here:

Would there be creators that would actually touch this piece-of-shit idea? I mean really? Yes, would a new Watchmen series sell in huge numbers? Unforatunately yes, but this is just another example of "just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD." And yes, if we see more Watchmen comics in the future, you know that another Watchmen movie will be right around the corner. Shit....

I really don't want this to happen. Moore and Gibbons get right of first refusal, and you KNOW that neither one of them is going to touch this idea with a ten foot pole. Maybe DC can convince Gibbons to do some covers, but that is all I forsee.

I know DC would get tons of press for this project, but the backlash in the industry would be huge.


  1. I disbelieve
    I disbelieve
    I disbelieve........

  2. We survived "The Kingdom," didn't we? We survived "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," didn't we? We survived "Maus Takes a Vacation," didn't... wait, that never happened. Anyway, nothing anybody does can alter to good work of the original (or the less-than-satisfying conclusion of the original, if you want to be honest about it). Now bring on "Camelot 3001!"

  3. Really, until we get a better sourced article, I don't believe it. The errors in Johnston's post, along with his history of half-truths make me doubt anything that comes out of his mouth.

  4. Tom Tolios, Dimestore PsychologistFebruary 4, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    A bad idea that prostitutes the original work by going against the intent of both the creation and its creators by doing more with the IP than was ever intended.

    In other words, f**k you Dan Didio.

    You are now as bad as Joe Q.