Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions just started their big comic auction today, and that Detective #27 is part of that collection. I'm looking at the catalog right now and it's 284 pages long. Lots of good stuff in this offering. Quite impressive, but that Detective #27 was the cream of the crop.

Other amazing stuff up for auction through Feb. 27th in Dallas Texas? Now some of these auctions might already be over, I have no idea, but here are a few books that they are offering that jumped out to me as more WOWs. Here's a sample of some of the great Golden Age books they have up for auction:

Adventure Comics #40 7.0
"This book is the scarcest of the DC keys, and one of the ten most valuable comic book issues in the hobby! CGC has certified just 11 unrestored copies of the book as of this writing. For comparison's sake 25 unrestored Action #1's have been certified."

All-Flash #1 9.4
"Sensational copy of one of Overstreet's Top One Hundred Golden Age Books. Only the Denver copy has matched this one's 9.4 grade."

Batman #1 9.0 Restored Denver Pedigree
"This is a beautiful copy of one of the most desirable comic books in the hobby! The case has been made that Batman #1 should be ranked ahead of Superman #1 in value and behind only Action #1 and Detective #27. The argument used to buttress this case are that Batman #1 has almost all original material and it's got the first appearances of both The Joker and Catwoman." This will be one to watch. Note: The only restoration of this copy is cleaning.

Marvel Comics #1 9.0 Pay Copy
"One of the most famous single comics in the hobby, this is tied with one other at the top of the CGC's census, yet equaled by none in terms of significance. "

Sensation Comics #1 9.4
"Just three copies of this historic issue have CGC certifications nicer than 8.5 and no other as high as this."

Wonder Woman #1 8.5

Amazing Spider-Man #1 8.0
"Nice copy of an issue currently ranked by Overstreet as the third most valuable Silver Age comic."

The catalog is HUGE and has so many note-worthy books that are part of this auction, I can't even touch on the whole list, it's an absolutely amazing collection of high-end books. There is literally something for everyone in this auction: tons of key Golden Age books, key Silver Age books, and more. Including: Playboy #1 7.5, Zap Comix #1 8.5, Green Lantern #1 (Silver Age) 9.4, Giant Size X-Men #1 9.8, More Fun Comics #52 9.2, Startling Comics #49 9.4, Amazing Fantasy #15 9.2 Restored, Cerebus #1 9.4 (Sim File), Incredible Hulk #181 9.8, Richie Rich #1 9.4, X-Men #1 9.0 (Silver Age), and so, so, so many more....

I wish I was independently wealthy right now. I would be bidding on that Sensation Comics #1 and that Wonder Woman #1 if I could.

Go here to view the video overview of this auction and to participate in live online bidding, or just look at all the pretty pictures, lots of great original comic art too, including great examples of Kirby and Wrightson work.

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  1. If you buy and show me any of these comics, I'm giving you the "I'm not worthy!!!" move.